This holiday season, consider gifting a loved one with tranquility, focus, creative inspiration, pain relief, and a novel experience, courtesy of Oakland Floats, a great local spot that specializes in floatation tank therapy.

Floatation tank therapy is growing in popularity throughout the Bay Area. It involves shutting out external stimulation (sight, sound, touch) so the body reaches a deep state of relaxation and the mind, free of distractions, has a new ability to focus. Floating takes place in a tank that is light-proof and nearly soundproof. In this quiet dark space, you lie on your back, surrounded by a saltwater solution that’s heated to 93.5-95.5 degrees — a temperature that your body recognizes as similar to its own, causing your brain to lose awareness of where your skin ends and the water begins.

If you’re interested in learning more, Oakland Floats’ website does a great job describing the history and benefits of floatation therapy. A gift certificate for one float is $75, but they also offer a $150 3-pack for floating first-timers.

Oakland Floats is located at 344 40th St. and open from 10am to 10pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

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