Here at Oakland Local, we pride ourselves in being a space dedicated to giving a voice to Oaklanders of all stripes. Perhaps there is no greater example of that than our Community Voices articles, pieces written by you for your neighbors. In 2013, you had a lot to say, and justifiably so. The best part is that people listened, and read.

This list is barometer of what you found important enough to talk about and discuss. At the top of that list was the release of a fictionalized retelling of an all-too-real Oscar Grant in the film Fruitvale Station and its eerie coincidence with the announcement of the George Zimmerman verdict.

Christina “Krea” Gomez fills in the silent, unspeakable moments that follow the film with a call to action.

Granate Sosnoff sees a missed opportunity in connecting the two events with the then-impending BART strike.

Lori Selke pleads for a little self-reflection in response to the grief of others.

There were other topics too. You were interested in how the new iPhone had the potential to reduce crime, and why J.T. Moyer would send his child to an underperforming public school. You demanded more from your elected officials on the issues of crime and poverty, called for better a better solution to overcrowded prisons, and debated the real effect of adding more police officers to the payroll.

But of all the issues, Oaklanders had more to say about gentrification than anything else. Nearly half of our top stories hinge on the issue, and sentiments are as varied as Oaklanders themselves:

A fixer-upper kind of town: Comments on gentrification by Isa Hopkins

Oakland’s gentrification: A peek inside the hipster bubble by Kheven LaGrone

An article about gentrification that isn’t going to make you feel good about yourself by Pilar Reyes

Gentrification is real—and it matters to me by Jeremy Liu

I’m a gentrification bomb and proud. Where I walk, land values go up by Rana Lehmer-Chang

There goes the neighborhood: Large investors are the elephant in the room when it comes to the gentrification conversation by Kevin Trychel

If I’m a “gentrifier,” you probably are too by Tim McAtee

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