Have you recovered from the holidaze yet?  After taking a month long hiatus, This Weekend in the YaY! Area is BAAAAAACK!   And it’s coming back with a big BANG!  This week/end is chock full of AMAZING things to do, people to see and places to go!  Ispotlightsm have added a few new items, look for the “spotlight event” sticker which is my personal recommendation of awesome.  upcoming2 Scroll all the way to the bottom to check out “upcoming events” that are happening in the next few weeks,.  This is to give you plenty of time to mark your calendars and make your plans.  Finally, I have added a nomnomnom nom review” section.  I get asked all the time where to go out to eat in Oakland so I am going to be giving you some suggestions from all price ranges.  Bon apetit!

Before we get to all the moving and shaking going down this weekend, I am very excited to share with you my interview with phenomenal playwright Young Jean Lee.  Her theater company will be presenting her work “Untitled Feminist Show” at the Yerba Buena Center from Thursday, Jan 30th through Saturday, February 1st.  This is a not to be missed event.

YJL Headshot 2Miz Chris (MC):Where are you from?

Young Jean Lee (YJL):  I was born in Seoul, Korea, and moved to the U.S. when I was 1 1/2 year old. I grew up in Pullman, WA, a small town in Eastern Washington State.

MC:  What inspired you to create the Untitled Feminist Show and why is it “Untitled”?

YJL:  See below re: nudity.

Also, I always gravitate towards projects that make me uncomfortable, and in general I don’t like making political work, so I’m always picking themes like race and religion to challenge myself. Feminism seemed like the next logical choice. What makes me uncomfortable about it is how badly the subject makes audience members freak out, and how difficult it is to present it in such a way that they’re able to absorb it and not just dismiss it.

I knew I wanted to show the most powerful, confident, charismatic, interesting performers I could find, so I contacted the biggest stars I could find in the worlds of downtown cabaret, burlesque, dance, and theater and invited them to audition. Everyone in the room was a huge presence. And out of all of those stars, the five original cast members were the most powerful combination, and they were all so different from each other in appearance and2012-2358_0142-1 personality.

There are still a shocking number of women who still think of “feminist” as a dirty word and don¹t want to be associated with it. I think that for years, many people have taken for granted the rights that the feminist movement has won for women. But men still get paid more, and there are still relatively few female government officials and CEOs. It was important for us to put “feminist” in the title to show that we embraced that word and that it could be associated with something that was also entertaining and fun. We added the “untitled” because “Feminist Show” didn’t really work on its own.

MC:  There are no spoken parts in this show, why did you decide to give the show, which explores Feminism, no voice?

YoungJL_MainYJL:  There are no words in the play because I wanted audience members to have their own questions and thoughts and emotional responses to the show without having some simplistic political message imposed on them. In the U.S. a few people got mad about this and said that in order to be feminist you need to preach, but I disagree.

Also, from the beginning, we found that movement communicated what we wanted much more strongly than words did. We heard that over and over again from many workshop audience members. I tried hard to write words that could compete with the movement and dance, but I couldn’t.

As we kept doing workshops, I kept cutting out more and more of the text until there was nothing left but movement, and the audience was forced to react emotionally. It was hard for our non-female-identifying performer to not be able to speak and say, “I don’t identify as female” in the show. We put it in the program note, but critics kept referring to the cast as “women” and “all-female”, so we are still trying to figure out a way to solve that problem.

MC:  What were you trying to explore, with regards gender politics. by using different and naked body types?

YJL:  For me, the starting point of the show was the desire to see performers with a range of realistic female-coded body types who were 100% confident, fierce, and fabulous. Women are trained to have so much shame about their bodies and looks, and I 201012_YJL_UFMTS_0290_RT_4Bthought it would be amazing to see people with female-coded bodies who didn’t seem to experience any of that, even without clothes or makeup. I wanted the nudity to be the opposite of titillating and objectifying, with the performers seeming completely powerful and comfortable in their skins. Not all of them ARE comfortable in their skins, though. We have one performer (Becca Blackwell) who doesn’t identify as female and finds it quite difficult to perform nude, but within the imaginary universe of the show in which people aren’t stereotyped according to their body parts, Becca is able to play a character who feels free of those stereotypes even when nude.

UntitledFeministShow_byJulietaCervantes1The show challenges the audiences’ assumptions about what a woman is and lets them become aware of what they project onto people when they think they know what gender they are. The show is not a “feminist” show in the sense that it attempts to define feminism or engage in a feminist argument. We think of it as a show that is feminist rather than a show about feminism, and it is feminist because it attempts to challenge the notion of what people with female-coded bodies (especially female-coded bodies that deviate from an idealized norm) are supposed to be like.

MC:  What has surprised you most about audience reaction to your piece?

YJL:  The thing that surprised me the most was how angry people got over the fact that the show isn’t a hard-hitting political critique or a cutting-edge modern dance piece. It’s supposed to be a fun, joyful, accessible piece, and the fact that that provoked such hostility was surprising to me. For us, making a joyful show was a radical act in itself, but not everyone got that.

Untitled Feminist Show runs from Jan 30th-Feb1st at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.




Leige Lounge
481 9th Street, Oakland
5 p.m.
No Cover

Join us for the New Season of Afrorican for 2014!!
Bring your friends as we mix and mingle over some of the best MUSIC, GREAT FOOD & TASTY cocktails!


Enjoy soulful sounds this Wed with Resident DJ Muzikmann Ouma DiskJokkey and Herman H Holla Gipson
in the mix from 5pm-Until

Happy Hour


1536686_804106356273370_1827020668_nRed Hots Burlesque
657 Harrison, SF
8 p.m.

Relax, recline and enjoy the divine. Please do pre-order your VIP seats. They will sell out.

Red Hots Burlesque In Bed WIth supperCLUB!
more than 2 solid hours of SHOW right in the middle of your work week. Highly acclaimed; a new and different show each week! FOLLOWED BY AN ALL NIGHT AFTERPARTY!

Dollhouse Bettie will be previewing upcoming 2014 styles at the Red Hots Burlesque Afterparty. Catch a glimpse of our new Atomic, Satine, and Juliet collections. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you won’t want to miss it!

This week Jan 29th see
Magnoliah Black
Hunny Bunnah
Eva Rose
Cyanide Cyn
Rizzo Rogue
Sgt De Weis
Lady Satan
Pearl E Pearl E. Gates-BurlesqueArtiste
Trixie Fou Laurant
Legend, Isis Starr
The return of DOTTIE LUX
and our headliner with a big announcement!! ARIYANA LA FEY!!


1618351_10151923964949077_552150256_oThe Memorials w/Future Perfekt
The New Parish
579 18th Street, Oakland
Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm
$7 adv – $10 door
Buy Tix
Under 21 must buy $5 drink ticket at the door

Future Perfekt returns to The New Parish to open for The Memorials on Wed., Jan. 29th! It’s been some time since FP last played with The Memorials, and on The New Parish stage. This is our first show of many to come in 2014!

Come join us on the maiden voyage with the NEW live Ensemble, featuring:

Mitchell Wilcox (drums)
Kimiko Joy (vocals)
Jon Herrera (keys/synth)
Andrew Levin (guitar)
Scott Thompson (bass)
DeVaris Brown (DJ/live FX)

THE MEMORIALS https://www.facebook.com/thememorials
The Bad Jones https://www.facebook.com/TheBadJones
Future Perfekt https://www.facebook.com/futureperfekt




201012_YJL_UFMTS_0290_RT_4B copyYoung Jean Lee’s Theater Company
YBCA Theater
701 Mission St, SF
Thu–Sat, Jan 30–Feb 1, 8 PM
General: $30 in Advance / $35 at the Door
Student, Senior, Teacher: $25 in Advance / $30 at the Door
YBCA Member: $25 / YBCA:You FREE
Buy Tix

*Author Michelle Tea of RADAR Productions will moderate a post-show discussion with the artists following the performance on Friday, Jan 31.

“… one of the more moving and imaginative works I have ever seen on the American stage…” —The New Yorker

“Who said the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak? Both are pretty damn fierce in director Young Jean Lee’s all-female, all-nude dance suite…” —Time Out New York

UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW is the latest experiment by Obie award-winning playwright and director Young Jean Lee, who has been called “the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation” by The New York Times and “one of the best experimental playwrights in America” by Time Out New York. In UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW, six charismatic stars of New York City’s downtown theater, dance, cabaret, and burlesque worlds come together to create an exhilarating—and irreverent—celebration of a fluid and limitless sense of identity.

A blend of comic vignettes, contemporary dance sequences, and evocative video images, what inhabits the stage are a series of ideas echoed in the characteristics of the performers who are liberated from the constraints of pre-defined roles and are meant to resist categorization. With the absence of words (and clothes), the performance twists and turns in hilarious ways that both reveal and challenge the viewers’ assumptions about gender politics.


2181 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
No Cover

The evolution of the Beatdown continues …

Playing soulful music from every end of every spectrum, DJ Cali will be creating an interplanetary good vibe zone under the stars every LAST Thursday at Jupiter. Universal beats, stellar pizza, handcrafted brews and heat lamps in full effect.

Jupiter’s longstanding Thursday tradition continues with SELECTOR. Hope to see your celestial bodies there.

*Jupiter is directly across the street from DOWNTOWN BERKELEY BART. Spare the air if you care.

*The Circe (shrimp pizza) will knock your socks off! You need it in your life. Trust.




1519028_684046184978894_120852470_oSuperheroes Foam Party
657 Harrison, SF
$20 all night entry
Buy Tix

Join us for a radioactive FOAMY NIGHT!


We are calling on all superheroes to make an appearance!

Guests who participate in the superhero theme have the chance to win:
1. Free Bottle Service
2. Free Dinner for 2
3. 5 free drinks


$5 Beers All Night



If you have never been to one of our foam parties, you can’t miss this


1545546_10152054324224792_1410218838_nThe Future of Soul
Mighty, SF
119 Utah
Doors 9 p.m.

The houses of Top Ten Social and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ Future Soul Think Tank are uniting to bring soul heads from all sides of the bay together for a future soul odyssey.

Indeed, the future of soul is coming to San Francisco’s MIGHTY as we celebrate the birthdays of Michael Orange + Jacobo Juarez.. Expect a spectacular night of visceral transmissions and soulful pulses featuring dj/producer King BRITT + dj/producer Rich MEDINA + film director/projectionist Terence NANCE + dj/producer J BOOGIE + hosted by Fran BOOGIE!

Soul heads already know how epic a night it’ll be with Philly brothers Rich & King playing side by side. We’re to Mars about the addition of award winning film director Terence Nance joining them, projecting live animations to Mighty’s three screens.

FestivalFlamencoPromo_Final1Flamenco Festival
Yoshi’s Oakland
510 Embarcadero West, Oakland
$25 Advance/$30 at Door

Yaelisa & Caminos Flamencos made history as the first ever flamenco troupe invited to present at Yoshi’s San Francisco, playing to standing ovations and three consecutive sold-out shows in 2011, 2012 and 2013. – this upcoming show will be no exception!

Yaelisa & Caminos Flamencos was founded by Emmy Award-winning dancer and choreographer Yaelisa. The recipient of numerous awards both locally and nationally, Caminos Flamencos boasts some of the finest flamenco artists in the U.S. today.

Artistic Director Yaelisa has organized a weekend of shows featuring exciting guest artists from Spain David Paniagua and singer Juanares along with an incredible roster of some of the finest flamenco artists in the U.S.! Three performances at two Bay Area venues with a rotating ensemble cast which includes Gypsy singers Jose Cortes and Kina Mendez, virtuoso guitar maestro Jason McGuire “El Rubio, dancer Mele Martinez from Tucson, Mizuho Sato from Los Angeles, and the venerable talents of Melissa Cruz and Fanny Ara alongside Emmy Award-winning director/dancer Yaelisa.




201401_field_object_590Field of inquiry:  Body Politic Edition
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission St, SF
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

A meeting of the minds of some of the Bay Area’s most courageous thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and artists to contemplate the politics of the body, YBCA presents our second Think Tank in the Creative Ecosystem: the Body Politic.

Our Creative Ecosystem is a group of cross-disciplinary public intellectuals including doulas, software engineers, choreographers, journalists, circus performers, futbolistas, and academics who’ve been brought together at YBCA to explore an artist-driven inquiry under the frame of intentional community design. The Body Politic Think Tank engages the following questions: “What is on the other side of your body’s shame? What is on the other side of your body’s joy?” Body Politic Think Tank members include yoga practitioners, LGBTQ activists, trauma survivors, as well as artist/healers who fill the YBCA Theater building with “physical responses”—interactive visual and performative installations—that invite you to explore and re-imagine shame, joy, and empowerment in the body.

Our goal is to provide a space somewhere between academe and entrepreneurship where citizens of all stripes enter into a culture of invitation and visceral response. The Body Politic Think Tank has met regularly since May 2013 under this structure, and through meetings, outings, and shared art experiences, we’ve asked them to respond to these two questions. Collectively, we call these installation pieces the Field of Inquiry and, in this iteration, the public will both engage with the creative output of the Body Politic Think Tank and go deeper into their own tensions surrounding joy and shame in the body, contextualizing the piece inside the theater through an experiential moment directly outside of it.


1545686_698712626817106_2092855317_nTwo Spirit Pow Wow
SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan St., SF
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Please join us for the 3rd Annual BAAITS Two-Spirit Powwow! Last year was a tremendous success and we doubled in size! We welcome all two spirits as well as allies. Come one, come all. All dancers and drums are invited to join us. There will be contests for dancers, fry bread and Indian tacos, crafts and gifts for sale, a raffle, and most of all- community!” We’re the first & only public two spirit powwow in the world!

All Dancers and Drums Welcome
11 am California Native Blessing- Corrina Gould
Queer Danzante (Aztec Dancers)
12 pm Grand Entry


Somar Bar
1727 Telegraph, Oakland
FREE before 11 pm or with RSVP
$5 after 11 pm

Divinyl Echo presents

BLESSED with special guest, DEDAN (Brothers & Sisters)

Dedan Anderson first got exposed to the creativity and energy of the underground dance music scene while growing up and clubbing in New York City during the mid 80’s. His musicality was formed by the DJ’s in the eclectic New York underground nightlife scene such as: Timmy Regisford, Frankie Knuckles, Frankie Feliciano, Louie Vega, and Jellybean Benitez to name a few.

Originally a dancer, Dedan helped flesh out the bay area music landscape as a DJ after he arrived in Berkeley, in the late 80’s, by sharing the sound that he had been brought up in. He has had the good fortune of being a part of several successful nightlife ventures: “the Beehive” at the Birdkage, with Dj Iz, where they spun an eclectic mixture of hip hop, soul, dancehall, house and classics; “what if?” at Zanzibar, with Dj Toks, where Dancehall met soul and house; and culminating with “Brothers & Sisters” at Luka’s and Vibe Lounge, with Dj Daniela, successfully introducing soulful house music to the east bay.

Through his DJing he hopes to help expose more of the world to the amazing depth, awe and soul of the music and the dance.

Smoothin’ out the evening with a soulful variety of the Deep, the Uplifting, the Classic and the Fresh are your BLESSED residents –




1528606_10102739772281288_1871002791_nScrew Football We Cam to Party
19 Grand Ave, Oakland
1:30  p.m.
It is going down this and every Sunday leading to the Super Bowl at Oakland Era “Screw football we came to party”

Two levels with The Football games showing on five big screens
Max Piha on the decks regulating the breaks.

First and goal special
$15 dollar bottomless mimosas
$15 dollar pitchers of beer
$25 dollar beer buckets
$3 IPA
$5 Well

Food by No Excuses and Christopher Caraballo of BorrinquenSoul


1535418_634764349894172_606697054_nSUPERBOWL SUNDAY
Lexington Club
3464 19th St.
Doors Open at 3 p.m.

Join us for SUPER BOWL Sunday!

We’re busting out the BIG SCREEN projector and turning up the volume for the big game!

First come first serve for CHAN”S FAMOUS WINGS!!!

$5 Bloodies and Micheladas until 7pm served up by Tiana Danger and Natalie Purcell!!!

Just because the Niners didn’t make it doesn’t mean we can’t drink, eat and be merry!



Thursday, February 6th


Friday, February 14th






In Jack London Square
55 Webster St, Oakland, CA
(510) 444-1233

Where has the restaurant been all my life!  I just recently discovered this tasty place although it has been opened for years.  It is now one of my few favorite places in Oakland.

bocanovaLocated on the waterfront, the outdoor patio is fabulous.  This gorgeously appointed spot has equally delicious food.  We had the deviled eggs (sublime), the empanadas (delectable), the waffle (super yum) and the yucca balls with aioli (delish).  In fact we have been back a couple of times bringing local and out of town friends with us and we have not been disappointed.

This is definitely one of my new go-to spots.


Upper Left Corner – Pork Empanadas | Upper Right Corner – Crab Deviled Eggs | Bottom – Mussels

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