In case you were too busy this month romping in the disturbingly glorious January sunshine to keep abreast of your OL reportage, allow us to catch you up.

A series that made a huge splash among our readers was Laura McCamy’s Love Letters to Oakland. She turned some of the town’s jazziest micro-hoods inside out to reveal the store clerks, mainstays and spearheads holding them down for us. Read about her forays to 40th St. near Webster, the Golden Gate area and Old Oakland, and see if you’re not inspired to go check them out yourself.


Also widely read this month were two stories that could not have been more different while still being about food. Howard Dyckoff’s piece about the opening of Kroeger Grocery as part of the resuscitation of Foothill Square was an exciting forecast of great things to come to Deep East Oakland. Granate Sosnoff’s account of her meal at the newly-opened Barrel Room is the culinary equivalent of literotica, and when she starts talking about “cranberry walnut brown butter torte with brown butter ice cream,” it gets pretty saucy.

You can read Liza Veale’s story about Oakland’s 20-something artist community but you won’t have as much fun reading it as she did doing the reporting.


Lastly, much attention was garnered by two of our stories covering the sex trafficking epidemic in Oakland. Barbara Grady’s piece covers the city’s campaign to ameliorate the problem, and Liza Veale interviews the high school students behind the acclaimed documentary that catalyzed the renewed efforts.


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