Happy President’s day  to the remaining few of you who are employed by the kind of job that observes national holidays. The rest of you working on your lap tops in your neighborhood cafes, picking up an extra independently contracted gig or just taking this day to catch up like any other Monday– we feel you.

Take a quick break to debrief with your city. These are the things Oaklanders have been talking about:

Two and a half weeks and 336 comments later, Danette Lambert’s 20 Ways to Not Be a Gentrifier in Oakland continues to be read, shared and hotly debated. To delve deeper into our coverage of The Gentrification Question, check out this list from our archives. How do you define the difference between a “blameless gentrifier” and a “colonizer”? Remember, anyone can contribute to our Community Voices section. Read more here.

Mitsu Fisher’s Community Voices piece touched on another hot-button issue. His Open letter to Councilmember Schaaf responding to the Waterhouse shooting, developed the legal, ethical and safety objections to the spreading practice of neighborhood-based private security patrol.

Susan’s post about the Levi’s skating video set in Oakland may have evoked your sense of hometown pride or your sense of violation by brand-name co-opters, or, most likely, a little of the first sullied by the second…

Laura McCamy’s 5 Urban Planning Challenges for downtown Oakland and it’s companion piece, 4 Assets in (and under) the City took readers on a street-level tour of expert opinion regarding our city planning. How do our infrastructrual decisions shape the character and the social equity of our city?

Liza Veale’s covered the controversial decision to Raze and Rebuild Glenview Elementary School. Read more to find out how to participate in this ongoing decision process.

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