With their delicate petals and radiant hue, red roses are the classic Valentine’s Day gift. But how many people think about where their bouquet comes from? In an industry with endemic human rights violations, it’s important to be a conscious consumer. Whole Trade® roses from Whole Foods Market offer higher-quality blooms while fostering a culture of equitable wages, humane working conditions and environmental stewardship.

 A $29.99 bouquet of twelve comes wrapped in colorful tissue paper and stays fresh for 14-16 days. A portion of all sales are invested in computer training, scholarship funds, health programs and financial assistance for workers from Elite Flowers, a Whole Foods Market partner (read more here).

Twinkling like little spots of sunlight in Whole Foods Market flower section, you’ll also find a charming array of locally-grown tulips. They’re a popular item this time of year, according to Floral Specialist Erika Tanchez, who has worked at Oakland’s Whole Foods Market since 2009. “We’re proud to support local growers,” she tells us. “‘Local’ to us is within four hours’ driving distance.”

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