Join us and be part of the dialogue on design thinking and asking the right questions to create a scalable technology business that achieves financial, social, environmental and economic impact goals.

How does design help with product development and the creation of successful businesses? What is the relationship between successful technology businesses and user experience and iterative design? The BACC Forum on March 26 brings together a technology design professional, several mission driven entrepreneurs, an advertising executive and an investor moderator to discuss how design can support the realities of product development, company performance and growth targets. Panelists include James McBryan and Anca Mosoiu, Co-Founders of OurVolts; Seyed Amiry, President & CEO at Cooperative Education Ventures; Anna Banks, Senior Director, Category Marketing,, and Francesca Barrientos, Ph.D., User Experience Designer and Strategist at Cisco Systems, with Debra Beresini, CEO at Invencor as moderator.

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