1. 685.5 hours

    are offered weekly by the Oakland Library to the general public.

  2. 12,836 more people

    are listed as Female than Male in Oakland, according to the Census Bureau.

  3. 98 public schools

    currently operate in Oakland.

  4. 152 private Oakland schools

    are competing for students.

  5. 1,031 domesticated animals

    were transferred to the East Bay SPCA in 2012 from other shelters.

– Shoshone Odess

2 Responses

  1. Not really.

    I gotta admit this article seems like it’s incomplete or may be titled wrong.

    Without the animal part it could be called Oakland kids shouldn’t be dumb or we have to many schools.

    With the animal part which is unrelated to the top 4 you feel as if it should go on with more useless information.

    But, not Oakland by the numbers. Check your peoples.


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