Ever since KhanAcademy.org burst virally into the high school scene as salvation for students stuck with lousy calculus teachers, education has been an increasingly attractive market for Web based software.

Now, that market is hotter than ever, fueled by the explosion of usage of smartphones and computer tablets, by the national Common Core standards for K-12 education, and by a relatively cheap and easy software development process– thanks to the Cloud.

Oakland is one of the places spawning education apps. And its school district is actively putting new technology apps into use. In fact, several Oakland Unified School District teachers are software education app entrepreneurs.

“We are very interested in education apps,” said John Krull, OUSD’s Information Technology Officer, hired last year to improve the use of technology in the district. He said OUSD has been investing in apps that are integrated with a Learning Management System platform for teachers to track student progress and create lesson plans as well as in apps that help students to learn.

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Barbara Grady is a freelance journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can reach her at barbara@oaklandlocal.com

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  1. Ernest

    I can’t help but notice that only African-Americans are pictured in the story.
    Does this indicate a concern from these organizations for diversity in Oakland?
    Oakland should stand for diversity.


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