Having been born and raised in West Oakland, it is safe to say that Ayori Se has developed a deep connection to her native city. Growing up as one of eight children, Ayori’s childhood taught her the value of hard work, and the reciprocity that comes with diligent effort. Introduced to the world of tech through a basic programming book her mother gave her when she was 11, Ayori devoured the book, and everything else she could get her hands on. HTML came next, followed by Visual Basic, Javascript and the rest. Developing an undeniable skill set, today Ayori works as a Product Manager for Salesforce. At the same time Ayori is also managing her current enterprise, Pitch Mixer, an entrepreneurial-focused event series, aimed at connecting budding entrepreneurs with investors and positive resources. I spoke with Ayori about her upbringing, the value of creativity and her career.

Why do you think entrepreneurship is important?

I think in life we’re all created to do something. I think we tend to think of the word entrepreneur as meaning a person who creates businesses, but really, I define the word as just a person who creates something.

I think we’re all put on this earth with an innate desire to create something bigger than ourselves. We’re not just eating machines. Entrepreneurship is embedded within everyone and some people take that concept to an extreme, like building the pyramids, or even building Apple.

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