Last week Councilmember Brooks announced a free amnesty bulk dumping project to take place across East Oakland, April 12-16. Due to enthusiasm from residents and city officials, she reached out to Ken Houston and the East Oakland Beautification Council and asked them to help take the project further. Thanks to donations from Ken, Councilpersons Reid, Schaff, Kernighan, and Kalb more bins have been added, bringing the number of legal bulk dumping sites to ten. This program will give illegal dumpers a legal place to drop their items and other residents an excuse to do a spring cleanse.

Here are the new locations:

  • 8055 Collins drive
  • 800 77th Ave
  • 750 Louisiana Street
  • 10500 San Leandro Street

The original sites are still confirmed for:

  • International & 56th Ave
  • 66th Ave & Fenham
  • 5800 block Foothill Blvd
  • Eastmont Area on 73rd / MacArthur
  • Parkridge Drive / cross Street Skyline
  • Mountain Blvd between Kuhnle & Mountain View

There will be no questions asked to people dumping in the bulk dumpsters, but there are some guidelines and restrictions to what can be left in the bins. Click here to learn how to schedule your own dumpster pickup and to view dumping rules and restrictions.

Did you know that you can schedule your own bulk dumpster pick up at your home or business? Waste Management provides fast and easy bulk dumpster services with a variety of dumpster sizes to choose from. You can schedule the drop off and pick up of a dumpster right from your computer!

Click here to visit Waste Management website and learn how to schedule your own pick up.

Illegal Dumping is Dangerous to Human Health and the Environment

A national report (NC) highlights some major health dangers created by illegal dumping. Human health risks center on illegal dumps’ ability to provide breeding places for insects, rodents, and other pests.


  • Dump sites with tires are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Tires can hold large quantities of stagnant water. This water allows the mosquitoes — which might carry encephalitis, West Nile Virus or other dangerous diseases — to breed 100 times faster than normal.
  • Illegal dumps can contaminate surface and ground water. Depending on location, dumps can keep water from draining, which may lead to flooding. Illegal dumps can also pose a fire risk, disrupt wildlife habitats, and present physical hazards to human health.
  • Abandoned refrigerators or freezers may appear attractive play spaces to children, who like to play inside of them. Children have become trapped and suffocated in improperly-disposed-of appliances.
  • Chemical hazards at illegal dumps can come from a number of sources. Some common sources are batteries, epoxies, waterproofing agents, asbestos and commercial cleaning compounds. Asbestos, for example, was used in more than 4,000 building products. Shingles, ceiling tile, insulation and vinyl floor covering are just a few. Unless asbestos is handled carefully, its fibers can float free and be inhaled. Lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis can result from prolonged exposure to these fibers.
  • Drywall, which is often made of gypsum, is another commonly dumped item. Under certain conditions, improperly-disposed-of gypsum drywall can produce hydrogen sulfide gas that can explode in high concentrations. It also has an offensive odor. Decomposing wastes also generate methane and other gasses. Methane is explosive at certain levels.
  • Lead-based paint is another contaminant found frequently at illegal dump sites. Estimates show half of the housing in the United States contains some lead-based paint. Demolition or reconstruction waste from these estimated 64 million homes should be carefully disposed of to avoid risking lead contamination.
  • Exposure to lead or lead poisoning is a risk for children and adults. Lead poisoning is most commonly found in children due to their smaller size. High levels of lead in children have been shown to result in learning disabilities, behavioral problems and mental disability.

3 Responses

  1. Oakland resident

    Will the dumpsters be emptied over the course of the 5-day amnesty? On the first day (April 12th), the three closest locations to us had dumpsters that were piled high with garbage, more than full, with trash heaped next to them besides.

  2. Joe Public

    What a joke….. If you plot the Davis Street Dump and Berkeley Transfer Station dump fee collections over this five day period, you will probably find the fees have declined in comparison to before and after this “event.” The reason is that the people who conscientiously take their stuff to the dump, will also be the people who will deferentially now take their stuff to the free dumpsters. The people who throw their shit on the street will still be throwing their shit on the street. Those people are too ignorant to even know that such a program as the free dumpsters exist (because most can’t read), and if they did, they wouldn’t give a shit anyway. They could not be bothered to take their trash to the dumpsters. They will still throw it out on the street in front of their houses. They are animals.

    East Oakland will be no cleaner than it was before this inane action by the rockets scientists in our city council, and the public do-gooders who have never had a course in micro-economics (probably don’t have a college education). The economic concept I’m referring to is often termed “the tragedy of the commons.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually believe the city dumps should be free, and should be paid for by a part of our sales taxes (since most of the stuff we throw away at the dump is the unnecessary crap we buy from Walmart, we are brainwashed into believing we need by Madison Ave, and is mostly imported from China). Our taxes, which are used for these inane actions (free dumpsters), is just a subsidy to the corporations who sell is that crap. In economics, this is called a “hidden social cost.”

    However, if you really want to clean up the streets of garbage, I can tell you how to do it: Pay people to bring their stuff to the dump!


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