In the ten days since the walk-out staged by students of Holy Names High School, the administration has been tight-lipped about internal proceedings in response to the protest. It was made known to students and parents last week that the Principal, Curran, and Assistant Principal, Kirkbride, had taken leave, however the administration refused to clarify the terms of their leave explaining that “by law, HNHS cannot comment on personnel issues.” Today, the board made the following announcement:

“In Ms. Curran’s absence, due to family medical needs, we have asked Sister Margaret Spiller, SNJM, to be acting principal for the remainder of the academic year.”

At a public meeting on the 22nd attended by over 500 students, staff, parents and alumni, the school’s board of directors showed support for the public outcry against the school’s administration.They held emergency meetings over the weekend and initiated independent investigations into the administration’s conduct over the preceding months. Earlier this week, and only one week into the investigations, the replacement principal effectively took up her post. The Assistant Principal is officially still on indefinite leave.

Sarah LeMier, the teacher who distributed the recording of her meeting with the principal, remains suspended.

One of the main complaints made at the public meeting was that the administration planned to cut honors classes without telling students, after students had already enrolled. Teachers disclosed that they had earlier been notified about changes to their contract resulting from cuts to honors classes. The administration has since backpedaled, claiming that “Holy Names has always planned to, and will continue to offer, these courses, in alignment with our college preparatory mission.”

Due to high tension at Holy Names, faculty and board members are reluctant to comment.

Read the original coverage of the protest here.

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