1. 13th Avenue and East 25th Street

    just south of her alma mater, Oakland High, is where Gertrude Stein lived as a child before going on to write epoch-making modern literature and mentor Hemingway and Picasso.

  2. 4175 Broadway

    near the former Dave’s Coffee shop, was the location of the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, Bruce Lee’s first martial arts studio. And nobody has put a statue there yet!

  3. 14 children

    were born to the parents of Raphael Saadiq (Charles Ray Wiggins) who lived as a child in East Oakland.

  4. 1957

    is the year that Paul Mooney transferred to Berkeley High School, followed by his friend, Huey P. Newton.

  5. 1970

    saw the graduation of Tom Hanks from Bret Harte Junior High in East Oakland.

3 Responses

  1. phenomenalexa

    Bruce Lee’s first studio was actually at 4157 Broadway, now it’s a nissan dealership I believe, not in the original building

  2. SJ

    phenomenalexa and COOLHAND LUKE:

    Thank you for the corrections. Please give your sources. Thank You.



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