Today is opening day, guys. It’s baseball season. Can you smell the stale beer? Can you feel it making your footsteps sticky? Do you remember Coco and Yoyo’s handshake? Do you feel the auspicious good vibes for this promising season? We do.

This morning, Susan took to Live Work Oakland to beseech SF Tech Types to check themselves. It’s already viral. You’ll also want to read a response piece entitled Thankful, Angry, Sad, Confused and Grateful.

This week you all, our readers, were really excited about Eric K. Arnold’s Oakulture piece. For good reason. This article is bursting with goodies about W. Kamau Bell’s brand of Black Comedy, Sheila E.’s Oakland “fiesta,” Mi Alma flamenco and dope parties for celebrating springtime.

Khevin LaGrone’s follow up Community Voices piece, Our Home Pt. 2, questions the city’s investment in new housing development. Does increasing the housing stock help to keep prices affordable and boost the city’s tax revenue or simply represent subsidies to developers and a waste of fund that could be spent on education? Weigh in.

News of the Food Co opening in East Oakland get everyone pretty hyped. Jobs and produce coming to the neighborhood!

Liza Veale’s dispatch from SXSW covered various Oaklanders’ forays into the interactive festival. Even if you’ve heard of the Interactive Festival, the real thing is probably not what you’re imagining. Find out why.

Lastly, the mayor’s race is on. Aquaint yourself with the candidates by checking out this coverage of the first Mayoral Candidates Forum.

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