I sat down with CEO Brennen Byrne of CLEF to talk about his start-up, life in Oakland, and tech diversity. Clef is a three person start-up based in Jack London Square that solves the frustration of having to memorize dozens of passwords and promotes privacy and safety of information. Clef puts the power of encryption into your mobile phone rather than relying on memorization of 8 characters, a smiley face, two numbers and a capital letter.

What are the 5 year goals for your company?

We are a privacy company, so we are all about making it safer and more private to be online, we don’t store any of your information. We don’t track you and we don’t follow you. Also, it is not our goal to be bought out.

If we are bought out by Google or Facebook they would be in their tracking realms, and  we are not interested in that. We just want to make the web a safer place.  We want to make security safer and easier, all the places that use passwords. Password pit our memory against a computer’s brute force. Computers have come a long way, our memories have not. I think that we need a better solution and I feel our phones are that solution, because a phone pits a computer against a computer. The 4 number pin is just a stopgap in case you lose your phone, really.

Read more at Live Work Oakland-including where Bryne eats at 1 am.

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