As the face of the recently opened Impact Hub Oakland co-working and event space, Ashara Ekundayo wears many hats. A budding creative and serial community builder, Ashara’s work has been impactful yet varied. A co-founder of GrowHaus, an interactive aquaponic farm in Denver, CO, Ashara has been committed to food justice as well as empowering her communities through inspiration and education. We recently sat down with Ashara to learn more about her latest project, the recent launch of Oakland’s newest co-working space, Impact Hub Oakland.

I’ve seen you running around Hub for the past couple of weeks doing a ton of different things. What would you say your official title is at Impact Hub?

My title is Chief Creative Officer, well, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

And what does that entail?

So there’s seven founders. Three of us who work in the space, the CEO, COO, and I’m the CCO. For the last two and a half years, my work on this team represents the outward facing identity of Impact Hub Oakland. I’m a cultural worker, I’m a community activist. I’m a bit of a social butterfly considering I’m such an introvert. The work that I do in the community is very public, so I’ve been the public face. So under Chief Creative Officer it means that I’m the Creative Director. I manage the digital media director. I manage the graphic designers, I manage the production manager, so I actually have the most amount of staff that answer to me.

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