Hello! Happy Monday! Happy Passover, if you do that, or almost-Easter, or maybe happy ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar eclipse tonight. Happy Tax Day Eve, if you prefer. Whatever you’re celebrating.

Last week saw the launch of our new data-driven investigative journalism project covering the Oakland Police Department. Oakland Police Beat exists to empower Oaklanders as they advocate for a police department that’s accountable and transparent. Check it out: this data is meant to be used.

The highest concentration of activity–viewing, sharing, commenting–last week was around the two gentrification stories that bubbled up. The community voices piece criticizing the West Oakland Specific Plan produced some of the most thoughtful commenting we’ve seen on OL. We appreciate the high standards you all hold each other to and we especially appreciate those who manage to do so without invoking polarizing rhetoric. Also widely circulated was Laura McCamy’s coverage of the study by Causa Justa::Just Cause which pointed to the disturbing effect gentrification has on public health.

Upwards and onwards with the Mayoral election! Read about Mayor Quan and Joe Tuman jousting over public safety.

One of the most critical services we provide as a community platform is not analysis and commentary but functional, neighborly communication. Facebook was aflurry last week with people sharing news of Bar Dogwood’s crowdfunding campaign to repair damages caused by a car crashing into their building, and of the new affordable housing complex accepting applications, and of the free bulk dump sites that are available until tomorrow! We’re glad you all find this information as important as we do.

As always, check out the beautiful photography we curate on our tumblr, and connect with us on facebook and twitter!

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