Innovation is alive in Oakland! Enter into the running for a free pair of tickets to Vator Splash Oakland — just leave us a comment here with your favorite Oakland startup by April 27th. We have three pairs of tickets to give away. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in Oakland’s first startup competition.

Update: The contender list has been narrowed down to five finalists since our posting of the semi-finalists list. Past commenters are still qualified for our ticket giveaway, but future commenters should pick their favorite startup from the list of five finalists.


The Contenders

Back to the Roots distributes the Mushroom Kit and AquaFarm in over 2500 retailers nationwide. The Mushroom Kit is a small brown box that grows up to 1.5 lbs of oyster mushrooms in 10 days, and the AquaFarm is a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows food!

Clef replaces usernames and passwords online. We recognize you by your smartphone instead of anything you have to remember or type to make logging in faster, safer, and much easier. Clef wraps the security of public key cryptography in a mobile app that makes logging in fast and simple. Walk up to any computer and point your phone to be logged in instantly.

Fudget’s games make players real money in the real world by accurately predicting cash flow. Currently around 5 million out of 28 million small businesses can improve cash flow and grow profit just by playing Fudget’s games a few minutes each day.

Gigawatt is a crowdfunding platform that specializes in “blitz fundraising” and helps groups hit their goals quickly with 24-hour giving campaigns. Once 24 hours is up, these campaigns disappear forever… We’ve built the only platform with automated crowdfunding and team collaboration tools, which makes Blitz Fundraising possible. Each “Blitz” follows a pre-launch plan that helps teams raise money efficiently and fast.

mileME is a productivity app for hands-free mileage logging. An average driver could add over $2,000 in after-tax income by automatically logging miles. mileME checks velocity. When you’re moving, mileME takes a location fix. When you stop, mileME takes a destination fix to automatically create a trip log.

Rockbot lets you pick the music playing at bars, restaurants & businesses, right from your phone. See what’s playing, request songs, vote on the playlist, and share with friends. Businesses easily stream the Rockbot experience at their locations and customize their background music with our innovative web and mobile tools, resulting in an awesome customer experience, a suite of promotional features, and increased social media buzz.

Sellegit is a trusted community marketplace connecting local buyers and sellers to safely transfer items at the perfect price point.Whether it’s a new couch or lightly-used laptop. Sellegit’s goal is to make local transactions safe, reliable and easy. By matching buyer and seller at a price that both love. Sellegit is the perfect place to monetize your used items and find new ones to enjoy.

ShopPad allows retailers to deliver beautiful shopping experiences to their customers on any device. Our SaaS solution solves the multi-channel problem by integrating with a retailer’s E-Commerce store. Once installed, ShopPad provides native support for smartphones, tablets and in-store kiosks.

With Suiteness, get exclusive access to luxury suites normally only available to celebrities and high-rollers. These suites are only booked 20-30% of the time, while normal rooms have 60-80% occupancy. Most people don’t know these suites exist. We make it easy for you to find amazing suites and to get the best price. Most of the time, sharing a luxury suite is less than getting separate rooms.

Yozio is the perfect solution to amplify your mobile growth. Our Mobile Growth Platform brings you the same powerful mobile growth technologies that Twitter and Netflix built for themselves, so you can


  • Understand what your best users look like.
  • Find the best channel, messaging and context to acquire them.
  • Activate them before they turn away.


Have a favorite? Comment on this article with the startup that stands out, and you could be the winner of a free pair of tickets to Vator Splash Oakland!

10 Responses

  1. Will Salcido

    My favorite Oakland startup from this list is mileME. Seems that all business that have service reps could benefit from their services since logging your mileage is such a hassle. Great idea! I also like Yozio and Back to Roots, but my favorite is mileME. Good luck to all teams.

  2. Alethea Brewer

    I like Yozio & Rockbot, but since I must choose only 1, it will be Yozio. Mobile growth is getting bigger and bigger and bigger! Yozio apparently gets it and is making it easier for us all. Props to Yozio!!!!!!!!! Greatly looking forward to it!

  3. Jimena

    Back To The Roots! That kit was awesome! I asked for it for christmas. Growing your own food is empowering and sustainable. I vote for them!

  4. howard dyckoff

    I personally like MileME as I see that as useful and maybe also good for tracking trip miles that could be used for Earth Day and environmental campaigns… Maybe use it to show car miles are declining for a particular individual or family.


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