Who’s got the back of Oakland startups when it comes to funding? Well, a number of investors, from seed-stage angel investors to venture capitalists to social impact investors, have their eyes out for what’s happening in Oakland and nearby.

In fact, right now, Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, an impact investor based in Oakland’s Preservation Park, is inviting young entrepreneurs with innovations that will “improve people’s lives” to submit their ideas. In a newly-launched seed funding campaign for  local entrepreneurs older than 18 but younger than 30, the foundation is offering the Bay Area Inspire Awards for ideas that will improve lives. But can’t be just a better toaster or music player. It has to help people in the areas of education, housing options or displacement prevention, environmental sustainability, immigrant rights, family services or good jobs. If Philanthropic Ventures judges the idea as viable and helpful, it will award the launch team up to $10,000 in what it calls the Bay Area Inspire Awards. Read about the terms here.

Inner City Advisors, Kapor Capital and NewSchools Venture Fund are all based in Oakland and scout for startup innovations that will both help society and provide a good return on investment, though not necessarily in Oakland. That dual focus of on return-on-investment and social good is sometimes referred to as “double bottom line” investing.

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