Applicants Sought for Prize Created by Local Activist

This summer, an African American young man will have the opportunity to fulfill a dream of his making. Through the newly-launched Archie-Brown Springboard Awards, one youth from Oakland will win a voucher of up to $1,000 to supplement an enrichment activity of his choice: summer program tuition, language lessons, computer hardware, or travel expenses (as examples). The award’s aim is to encourage continued growth and upward movement of young black men, whose talent is often overlooked or under-resourced.

Cedric Brown, a local funder and activist who created the Awards, is compelled to help young men have the kind of formative opportunities that he had as a teen. “The generosity and foresight of adults in the community provided a springboard for me,” said Brown, who is the co-creator of the College Bound Brotherhood. “I was able to pursue and explore my interests that set me on a path to today. I want young black men in our community to have the resources to support their dreams. This is a vehicle for me to invest in the talent of tomorrow.” An award will also be made to a youth in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where Brown was born and raised.

Interested youth can find more information and apply on the website,

The deadline for applications is May 10, 2014.

Award winners will be selected by a small committee of family and community members. The awardees will be announced by June 1, 2014.



The Archie-Brown Springboard Fund supports the personal development of African American youth in our communities.


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