Vator Splash Oakland, the Town’s first startup competition, is a two-day event showcasing the Bay Area’s brightest entrepreneurial talent and offering workshops and networking opportunities. There are many ticket brackets available for the event, ranging greatly in price and levels of access granted. Good news for those excited about the competition but wanting to keep their spending low: the Vator team has just announced a new $15 ticket just for May 7th’s afternoon panel “Envisioning a Vibrant and Inclusive Oakland Tech Ecosystem.”

This panel is hosted by Cedric Brown (Kapor Center for Social Impact), Susan Mernit (Live Work Oakland), and Karen Wertman (Vator Splash Oakland, 2.Oakland). It invites a diverse group of Bay Area leaders to share their vision for Oakland’s future, including:

The key questions addressed at this thought-provoking panel will be: What kind of tech ecosystem would be ideal for Oakland? What will it take to get there in the next four years? What special characteristics of our city do we want to maintain in the process?

You won’t want to miss this exciting cross-industry panel addressing the most burning questions in Oakland’s technology space. But don’t let the presence of the new $15 panel-specific ticket preclude you from taking a peek at the rest of Vator Splash Oakland’s agenda. The two-day competition at Jack London Square will be jam-packed with activity, and there is a wide variety of ticket choices offered, so be sure to select whichever option best suits your own needs and level of curiosity.

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Envisioning Oakland’s Inclusive Tech Ecosystem: $15
Single Session “Toward a Vibrant & Inclusive Oakland Tech Ecosystem.” Ticket is for admittance for this session on May 7 only.

General Admission: $475.00
Access to main stage program and workshops, plus breakfast, lunch and snacks (where all the networking happens).

One-Day Pass: $275.00
Single day access to main stage program and workshops. Plus breakfast, lunch and snacks (where all the networking happens).

Scrappy Observer: $50.00
Access to main stage program and workshops only. No preferred seating. Does not include breakfast/lunch or after-party. Special offer meant for students, newbie founders, unemployed. Must create Vator Profile. (Professionals may want more inclusive tickets.)

Oakland Startup Founder/Team Member: $250.00
Access to main stage program and workshops, plus breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Special offer is reserved for Vator community members. Please provide Vator user profile URL and Vator company profile URL upon registration. (Limited number of tickets available.)

VIP Dinner (May 6): $175.00
Mingle with event entrepreneur speakers/VCs/angels at their special dinner at Centouno from 6 – 8 p.m. (150 tickets available.)

After-party (May 7): $15.00
After-party event on May 7 for Splash guests, 7:30 – 10 p.m. Food, wine, and live entertainment from Sungevity’s award-winning R&B band the KillaWatts!

Deluxe Event Package: $1,250.00
Mix and mingle with the speakers in the Speakers Lounge, plus access to all programs, breakfast, lunch, and snacks, plus both VIP dinner and Winner’s dinner (speakers, startup founders, investors).

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