“On Thursday, June 5,” Children’s Fairyland tells us, “we’re going over to the dark side.” Fortunately, Fairyland will only be evil for about three hours (6:30 – 9:30 p.m.). Catch it while you can!

You already know that Children’s Fairyland has an annual gala fundraising dinner. You probably also know that the proceeds go to help Fairyland “continue to give children a safe place to create, imagine, play and learn.” We all know it’s the best party in town: a chance to dress up in costume and enjoy Fairyland at night, with terrific food and drink.

You may not know that this year’s gala dinner “is a salute to the ogres, witches, trolls, wicked stepmothers, and all the other baddies without whom fairy tales would be… meh.” Oh, yes: it’s all about the villains. “Your presence isn’t just requested,” says Fairyland, “It’s required.”

Fairyland’s synopsis of what to expect: “Scary costumes. Shivery music. Food to die for. Our legendary storybook sets. All of it under the cold, glittering stars. (We’ll try to arrange for fog.)” If anyone can call in a favor to make the atmosphere even more amazing, you know it’s Fairyland.

If you can’t make it to the gala (or even if  you can), there’s also an online auction, already in full swing, with tons of items to bid on — some of them just fantastic: a private tour of the Oakland Zoo for twelve, romantic mini-getaways, dinners, tickets to fabulous events, massages… It seems especially fitting for an event known for being the best of both worlds — letting one’s inner child out to play, while at the same time, indulging one’s grown-up tastes — that its companion online event offers such a great mix of treats.

Tickets are available right here, right now. “Or be very, very sorry,” adds Fairyland. It brings to mind being collected from the dungeon and put in a futuristic silver jumpsuit to attend a scary dinner with an evil host. They don’t promise that nobody will be fed to sharks during the entree, but the menu alone will be well worth the risk.

If you go (and why on earth wouldn’t you?):
“A Villain-Thropic Evening”
Thursday, June 5, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Children’s Fairyland
699 Bellevue Avenue in Oakland
(510) 452-2259
Tickets available here

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