There’s a lot going on. Let’s bring it in, shake it all off. It’s Monday, we’re taking the future by storm, seizing the day, etc. You can forget everything that happened over the past two weeks; the carelessly chosen words, the opportunity you froze up on, the hater that said that thing, the nagging disappointments and the quiet disgraces. All of it, of course, except for these Top Reads. These you gotta go back in time for.

Somebody, specifically Matt Werner of Oakland Unseen, finally responded to all the “national praise and attention” The Town has been getting. He thought he’d go ahead and save them all a lot of trouble with this super helpful formula, How to Write an Oakland Trend Piece. Now, these voyaging trend reporters will never forget to (#11) Misinterpret a Gertrude Stein quotation or (#12) Make [their] title a pun on a Gertrude Stein quotation, as if that’s never been done before.

The tale of Apartment Hunting woe written by a community contributor also includes some how-to wisdom, without the irony. If you’ve been searching in vain for an affordable spot to rent in Oakland, you will find some pro tips in this article. Also, just, misery loves company.

The stories behind the three Life Academy students that won the prestigious Gates Scholarships will restore your sense of reverence for the resilience and drive of teenagers.

Did you know that within a few of Oakland’s city blocks you may find hundreds of surveillance cameras? Two UC Berkeley students have been mapping and collecting data about the city’s surveillance, What they discover may blow your mind.

Three more community voices pieces made impacts last week. Len Raphael’s piece, Target thy Neighbor, takes up the debate over private neighborhood patrols and the context of crime that has made them relevant. Don Macleay takes stock of the city’s organized political power by posing the question Is there no Left in Oakland? For all of it’s radical rhetoric, does Oakland’s political establishment represent the progressive values of people that live here? And Danette Lambert’s beautiful Where the Struggle Meets the Party is an ode to the Oaklanders that she is hella in love with.

On Facebook and Twitter, OL readers were also paying close attention to the action over at LiveWorkOakland. The site is full of resources and commentary about how to live and work here like our series on biking in Oakland, coverage of last week’s Vator Splash Conference about building an inclusive tech economy and why Oakland was ranked 9th in attracting venture capital.

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