It’s been a pretty feel-good week at Oakland Local. We are off-the-walls excited to tell you that Hack the Hood, a nonprofit in the OL family, was selected as one of the ten finalists in the Google Bay Area Impact Challenge. This means if we get enough of YOU ALL to vote for us, we could win $500,000!

Here’s a little about HTH (read even more here): Bay Area tech professionals mentor low-income youth of color in web development skills so they start careers by building sites for small local businesses, helping customers find and buy local, and keeping money circulating in the local economy to support more jobs for everyone. In other words, it’s a win-win-win-win! So please take a moment before June 2 to vote for Hack the Hood! Thank you so much!

The rest of the week was similarly lighthearted. You guys showed a lot of interest in Laura McCamy’s two pieces about walkability in Oakland: one that takes it neighborhood by neighborhood, and another that fleshes out what exactly constitutes “walkability.”

On Facebook, everyone went nuts about the news that Bissap Baobab has opened up in Oakland. If you haven’t wandered around 17th street near Webster in a minute, make sure to head out there! Bissap Baobab is just one of the many new spots cropping up on this strip.

The news about the Night School late-night bus shuttle also cause quite a buzz. If you hopped a ride with them this weekend, let us know how it went!

Big reads also included our list of springtime classes you can take to add some extracurricular spice to your life; our latest installment of Heading East, which chronicles some of our favorite spots in East Oakland; the fabulous story about African-American honor roll honorees and, lastly, the scoop on what’s so special about the launch of The Hive.

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