In the spirit of springtime emergence and renewal and the kind of big bear-stretches that feel like the world calling forth to you from the very inside out, we’re going on a life-improvement kick. We’ve assembled a list of some of the wonderful classes offered here in Oakland for the general public. These classes probably aren’t going to make you money, they probably aren’t going to give you an edge on your professional life, and they probably won’t impress your father if you have the kind of father that has been pushing law school since you were in diapers. These classes will be a gift to the evolved animal inside you that likes to make things and move and express itself. They will make you feel good. Which one is right for you?

A Verb for Keeping Warm offers gatherings, which are more social than instructional places for working together; labs, which are opportunities to consult or get help on a project and make use of the resources at Verb; and classes, which are structured, curriculum-based ways to learn or hone a skill like sewing, knitting, crocheting or dyeing.

Ancestral Apothecary is offering two upcoming sessions. One begins in mid-May, the other in September. Both classes will instruct students in herbal medicine making, from the harvesting of herbs to the recipes and treatments and a deep-delve into the way they work on the body, physically and energetically.

The Crucible has a massive selection of spring classes in everything from ceramics to jewelry, to blacksmithing and enameling, to glass blowing and woodworking.

Studio One Art Center has a comparably massive selection of art classes. They pick up where the Crucible leaves off with painting, photography, figure drawing and digital arts classes.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective is a perfect option for the scrappy DIY craftista on a budget. Spring offerings are bursting forth on the calendar as we speak.

Merritt College has a great catalog of non-credit, fee-based classes in gardening and horticultural arts for amateurs so you can stop murdering your poor plants and learn how to love them.

Stagebridge Performing Arts Training Institute offers classes across the performing arts spectrum: improv, dance and movement, acting, scriptwriting and storytelling, to name a few. Stagebridge provides classes customized for beginners, seasoned hobbyists, and pros alike. If just one person signs up for in improv class after reading this post, I will consider my entire career a success.

As for dance classes, there are too many to list here and you can choose arbitrarily from all the wonderful Yelp reviews just as well as we can. There’s belly dancing, hip hop dancing, Bollywood, modern, cardio dance, and lots more. I personally can’t think of a better way to celebrate spring.

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