Two days after the Oakland City Council agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from one of the city’s most controversial police shootings, the victim’s mother, Jeralyn Blueford, spoke with Oakland Police Beat in an exclusive interview.

“No amount of money could replace my son’s life,” Blueford said. “His spirit should be allowed to rest in peace.”

“Each day I spend in terror of the police, grieving, bleeding heart,” she said. “It hurts all the time.”

Read the whole story at Oakland Police Beat.

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Laura McCamy, is a freelance writer, editor and researcher, and a contributing production editor at Oakland Local. Her work also appears in Momentum Magazine and the Intuit Small Business Blog. Follow Laura on twitter @lmcwords

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  1. JR

    Although I truly feel for the family of the Bluefords- nobody should have to see their children die, this blog is doing a disservice to the entire city by trying to turn people like Alan Blueford into an angel by not telling the entire story on their sister site about police. This is a felon who was in possession of a gun-illegal. He pointed the gun at the officers twice. I don’t know what you would do as a police officer in that situation, but the grand jury deemed that it was justified due to the actions of the deceased. The fact that Burris only got 100 k tells you all you need to know about what happened that night.
    My point is that people like this do not need to be glorified, go find some good role models (all the hack the hood stuff is a good start) that the children of this city can look up to and do a story on that. I know your heart bleeds for stories like this, but the sad truth is that their actions led them to these places in life.

  2. Oakie

    Here is what I wrote in the comments for that article (it is awaiting moderation, let’s see if they publish it):

    “…Blueford was not holding a gun when he was shot and had not fired a gun found near the scene.”
    And yet you did not mention anywhere in this article that he was, in fact, in possession of a gun, that this was illegal, and I believe he was already a convicted felon involving yet another gun he possessed illegally (correct me if I am wrong).
    What is interesting is that the focus of the article is how OPD failed to tell the truth. What is astounding is the way the author fails entirely to tell the whole truth. That’s how you spell hypocrisy.
    Why are you trying to make an angel out of a criminal? A convicted criminal in yet another criminal act, again with an illegally obtained gun, who failed to obey the lawful demands of a cop. In no way do I think his death was warranted or acceptable. It was a tragedy I wholeheartedly wish never happened, and I have sympathy for the family’s loss. But blatantly leaving out critical facts do not serve justice and fairness one iota.
    The author ought to apologize for her shameless writing. It is embarrassing to watch.

  3. Seamus

    Concise: It just seems as though brandishing a firearm while evading police at night is very adventurous behavior. This, even if the brandishing was only to ditch the gun before being caught.


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