Community Gardens listed on the City of Oakland’s website. Of these gardens, 7 are north of Lake Merritt. 5 are south of Lake Merritt. 1/3 are located in “East” (geographic South) Oakland.


streets are scheduled to be paved in 2014, totaling 1.46 miles. Of the 106 streets listed on the Moratorium, 58 (54.7%) are scheduled to be repaved in 2017.


the peak Google Trend Rating of the search keyword “Oakland” was reached in September 2004. Our current Trend Rating is 54, and it is projected to dip to 52 in 2015. The data mean that current search volume for Oakland is at approximately half the rate of its highest point in 2004.


private Oakland schools are competing for students.


domesticated animals were transferred to the East Bay SPCA in 2012 from other shelters.

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  1. Sherry

    I saw this article and thought, “this looks interesting.” Not. Did I miss something?

  2. Art

    FWIW, the moratorium is just a list of streets that have been paved in the last five years; anyone who digs them up (utilities, etc.) must restore them to the repaved condition during the five years the moratorium is in effect. The dates listed don’t indicate when the roads are scheduled to be repaved–they’re just the dates when the moratorium expires for each stretch. So four streets have the moratorium expiring in 2014, and 58 have it expiring in 2017. Many more than four streets will be repaved this year. The paving plan for 2017 has not been approved yet, so who knows how many streets will be repaved then–but given that Oakland is generally on an 85-year repaving cycle, it will almost certainly not include any of the newly paved streets in the current moratorium. Public Works posts the adopted paving plan on its website if you want to know which streets are scheduled to be repaved and when.


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