Well, it’s certainly summer in this city of ours, this white-stuccoed, Deco-studded, Oak-fortified, nasturtium-overrun, gate-unlatched, hair-undone, mother-tongued, hot-linked, double-Dutched, pinky-sworn, time-warped, free-ranged, chocolate-glazed, hill-tilted, shore-sloping city of ours on the sunny side of the Bay. Don’t tell the transplants this heat ain’t right, just let them enjoy it.

Photo by Brenton Haslam

Photo by Brenton Haslam

First for the puffy, fun stuff:

You guys really got down with the Community Voices arbitration on the 5 greatest Oakland comedians and also got a big kick out of the newly-published Oakland Guidebook.

Now, for the news:

Barbara Grady’s incredibly important feature cracks open the dreadful implications sea-level rise will have for West Oakland. Thankfully, there are people advocating for preparation. Unfortunately, not enough people. Get informed.

Laura McCamy fleshes out the data on Oakland’s surging real estate prices. If you own your home, you should be rolling around on the floor in your invisible pile of money.

Daniel Brownstein of Musings on Maps, wrote this cartographic perspective on the social topography of Oakland over the last century. Do you know why it’s called Shellmound Street? There was a literal mound of shells from thousands of years of abalone, clam and mussel harvesting extending some three football fields in length.

If you haven’t yet, check out the .GIFs of these WOSP renderings. Weirdly mesmerizing and mind bending. Stay tuned for forthcoming comprehensive coverage of the West Oakland Specific Plan.

Lastly, find out why pioneer of the nonprofit housing development industry, Rick Holliday, says the industry deserves stronger scrutiny.

Photo by Brenton Haslam

Photo by Brenton Haslam

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