By Sarah Filley, Cofounder and Executive Director of Popuphood

Popuphood Partners Project

In an evolution of our Pop-up to Permanent Program in response to the changing ecosystem of retail in downtown Oakland,  tenants pay rent in exchange for a beautifully restored space to launch their business.  This project represents a partnership with commercial real estate developers Ben and Richard Weinstein of Weinstein Commercial Real Estate with a 500 Sq. ft. “jewel box” located at 352 17th St.  One goal with our partnership is to introduce several of our Popuphood members to the development group through a series of short term 3-4 month Pop-ups throughout the year.   After 3-4 months, the business can use actual sales numbers to their financial projections and build a relationship with WCRE that could lead to a permanent space after the Pop-up. We respect the attention to detail and care that the Weinstein’s put into historic buildings in Oakland and they proved themselves once again by going beyond a warm shell, refinishing the floors and upgrading the 352 address a Pop-up series.  You can read the recent summary of their other great neighboring projects here. 

Pop-up Bodega So many of our food related applicants are amazing and we wanted you to find them all in one place and that is how the Pop-up Bodega concept was born.  With no food prep on site these food producers source it locally, prepare everything in an off site facility, and package it just in time with no preservatives.  This Bodega is a corner store where you can try the most decadent Gluten free lemon treats, an astoundingly refreshing cold pressed coffee, nutritious super food snacks, and juice squeezed from organic ingredients sourced within 100 miles. Perfect for mornings, afternoon slumps, and before you hit the gym after work. The manageable smaller footprint of this location with the combined talents of our partners make this an exiting proposition with a promising financial projection for the next 3 months. Here

Foodscape The East Bay is arguably the hub of the local food movement with Alice WatersMichael PollanBryant Terry, the Eat Real Festival and the success of local commissary kitchen’s like Kitchener and Uptown Kitchen. Foodtrepreneurs are changing the way we think about food produced in rented facilities with a focus on local ingredients.  We are really proud to be part of a movement that is fostering links to social, food and economic justice.  The sharing economy is about creating opportunities out of our networks and co-retailing is one successful strategy.  Many of our shops in Old Oakland, host informal tastings, pop-ups and food events often as a way to support the local economy, create a tasty experience for shoppers and promote these local food businesses.

Foodtrepreneurs Opening a cafe takes time with permits and build-out requirements increasing the cost for food producers who are considering a flagship Brick and Mortar. To lower these barriers to entry our Pop-up bodega model provides a lean start up model to test the market and neighborhood, while promoting their products and services to offering a unique experience, education, and a gathering place for health conscious local foodies.

When we met with Free Juice it was clear that they were the right partner for this project. As a local company committed to juice, they impressed us with their social mission.  It is the best juice you will ever taste and it goes down all the sweeter with their mission driven values of Local Produce, Local Workers and Local Impact.  They will be operating the Pop-up Bodega as they look for a permanent location and will be launching their super foods snacks in the new space capturing all the nutrients and health potential in the juice pulp as balanced and healthy snacks options!

The Lemon Girl is a gluten free bakery.  They specialize in locally sourced Meyer Lemon inspired sweets and treats, with other flavors to round out an assortment of delicious offerings.  Along with loving the Meyer Lemon curd we align with the bakery’s health conscious ethos, and we are so pleased to see them as part of this project!

FLUX coffee is cold brewed coffee roasted in house through an extensive brewing process with a Triple Flux Filter. The result is a fresh, bold flavor with no bitterness.  It might change your coffee game!

We will be sharing more news and updates all summer.  They are great folks and we look forward to working with them, please join us to welcome them to the neighborhood on June 6th!


Sarah Filley (Cofounder and Executive Director of Popuphood) is an artist and social entrepreneur committed to fostering local economies.  Through Popuphood, an award winning company she cofounded in 2011, her interdisciplinary background in sculpture and photography from California College of Arts serves as a foundation to bring design thinking to city scale.  Along with exhibiting her work in nationally in museums and galleries she has served on the judging panel for the 2014 NEA Our Town grant, and as an exhibitor and panelist for the 2012 Venice Biennale for Architecture.  She is passionate about retail, creative placemaking and 21c solutions for resilient cities.

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