Now that we are positioned squarely in the middle of summer, I thought I’d focus on what’s important to the season: beer.

What do all Oaklanders need to complement their summer pints? Picnic tables, sunny patio space, fresh sandwiches, lawn games, and the great outdoors.

Bits and pieces of all these things can be found at Uptown Oakland’s Lost & Found, the newest installment to the East Bay’s flourishing beer-garden scene. Although it’s not the first of its kind, Lost & Found is very large, regularly packed, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

L&F Outside

A 7,000 square-foot patio makes for a roomy beer garden.

The beer garden opened its doors in late April, on a section of Telegraph that serves as the epicenter for First Fridays. The area is dotted with studios, and is currently regarded as Oakland’s art district. Between bars, studios and restaurants are run-down apartments, pawn shops and parking lots. The area is safe, but gritty and developing. Just a block off of Broadway, Lost & Found is BART accessible, and steps from the Downtown Oakland bars.

The main attraction at Lost & Found is certainly its selection of draft beer. It hosts 18 beers on tap that rotate frequently, and are priced between $6 and $12. There is always a selection of 4 or 5 very local beers (e.g., Faction Flagship, Fort Point and Ale Industries). The menu typically hosts a little Southern California love for those transplants missing craft beer from down south.

The space itself holds an assortment of seating: long communal picnic tables, benches, two- and four-person tables, and lounge areas where larger parties can sit together. There is ample standing room inside and out, and a large bar with many bartenders.

Lunch-time patrons converse near Lost & Found's bar

Lunchtime patrons converse near Lost & Found’s bar.

The back patio has cornhole platforms for leisurely lawn gaming, and a ping-pong table for the more competitive. An impressively-maintained garden that includes vegetables and flowers lines the outside patio and provides a little tranquility to what was once just a parking lot dwarfed by the Paramount Theater.

Prior to April 2014, the owners had been renovating the lot for a little over a year. Tropical and avian paintings help add to the oasis feel at Lost & Found. Patrons certainly lose track of their Uptown whereabouts when they enter the secluded, colorful and vibrant establishment for a few beers.

L&F Wall

Artwork on the Lost & Found walls.

Lastly, the food at Lost & Found is interesting and inventive. They have a relatively simple grilled-cheese sandwich that definitely hits the spot, but their “small bites” are very unique, like Ramen-noodle funnel cakes, Thai curry popcorn and kimchi deviled eggs.

On a strip of Telegraph that sometimes struggles for attention outside of First Friday, Lost & Found really brings out a large crowd all Friday and Saturday nights, and is a great place to quench your thirst during the week.

Lost & Found
2040 Telegraph Avenue
(510) 763-2040

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