If you need a break from the heavy, difficult news we often have to confront as Oakland residents, you’ve got one. This week’s top reads were decidedly of whimsical persuasion.

Our highlights include this story from Laura McCamy about Oakland’s Best Walkable Neighborhoods, which was written in May, but revived by you all this week for another go on the webs. As a celebration of the city from the street level, it goes well with our story about the secret garden that is the Oakland Museum of California. If you need another reason to love living in this summertime city, check out our write-up on the Burger Boogaloo music festival that brought Mosswood Park to life last weekend. And just to take the whimsy into a whole other dimension, here’s the story of how someone (@HiddenCash) hid a bag of cash and turned Fairyland into a scavenger hunt, just because.

It’s a good time to be here.

The only newsy-news we have for you is this important piece from Howard Dyckoff about the tricky decision the city has to make about switching our 9-1-1 radio system to the county’s, to the tune of millions of dollars.

And if you’re a parent, you’ll likely be very intrigued by this new app comparing performance among OUSD schools, by Barbara Grady.

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