Need a break from the monotony of corporeality? Rock out with Dark Beach to songs about mermaids, witches, and other ethereal creatures!

With lead singer/guitarist Faith Garner 8 months pregnant, Dark Beach will be playing two more shows before taking what the duo takes what they describe as a “very brief” hiatus to welcome the arrival of what will probably be the most punk rock baby ever. Catch them this Monday, August 11, and Oakland’s Night Light, as well as at the Legionnaire on August 28.

Drawing inspiration from the Riot Grrrl movement and bands like Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, and Huggy Bear, Dark Beach has a garage punk/surf rock sound highlighted by unique vocals, fast drums, and haunting melodies. The band is unapologetically feminist, but with what drummer Melissa Dale describes as a more “personal spin.”

“I really like writing about mythical creatures and fiction,” explains Faith Garner, the singer/guitarist, whose lyrics tend to focus on “monstrous characters that are female and writing about them from a personal point of view; taking them very seriously.”

In addition to shooting and editing their own music videos, the duo also just released their first seven-inch titled “Scream Queen,” staying true to their otherworldly theme with songs about UFOs and shark attacks (click the link to check it out).

Watch the band perform “Banshee” in their practice space, plus an exclusive interview about the inspiration behind the song, here:

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