Mystery Date Zine By Lynn Peril

Mystery Date zine by Oakland artist Lynn Peril

On August 29th, Tilde and Libros Libres are hosting a Friday night pre-party here in Oakland as a kickoff for this weekend’s SF Zine Fest.

SF Zine Fest is a free, two-day event celebrating any and all small-press publishing endeavors: zines, comics, art books, pamphlets, letter press, and etc.

While Oaklanders have always schlepped across the bridge with their boxes of books to represent for Oakland aesthetics and DIY art-making at SF Zine Fest,  it is hard to have a real good time and get groovy when you know your bed is on the far side of the Bay Bridge.

But this year Libros Libres and Tilde are bringing some of the good stuff home.  At least the party, as well as some of the experiential art that tends to come along with kooky DIY artists and Literati.

The party starts at 730pm at 349 15th St.  In addition to Oakland zine culture there will also be free books via Libros Libres and video animations  projected on the side of the building by local artist Teppei Ando.

Here’s a sample of his work.


As if that weren’t enough, there will also be an adult  scavenger hunt put together by local artist, and familiar of the Jejune Institute, Adam Davis, who is well known for his great 100 Dinosaurs paintings scavenger hunt funded by the Awesome Foundation.


One of the Dinosaur Paintings from Adam Davis’s “100 Dinosaurs Scavenger Hunt”

The recent success of the Oakland Drops Beats party on the same block of 15th Street has confirmed this grass-roots gallery scene’s ability to throw a worthy party. You don’t want to miss it.

The following day, Saturday the 30th, the Zine Fest returns to San Francisco starting at 11 a.m., where it will feature over 140 small-press and DIY creators selling, trading and sharing their work at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. Teppei Ando will be there, tabling for Oakland artist-co-op Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

So check out the art party on Friday night, and go do-it-yourself at SF Zine Fest this weekend. For more information on the artists being featured at SFZF, check out their site.

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