Holla!  It is the weekend, well at least when I like to start the weekend because I feel like the weekend should start on Wednesday.  These are some of my favorite things to do this weekend.  Check out the calendar but first read about fitness guru and Oakland native Shanna Holmes.  Get ready to really get your groove on this weekend.

Miz Chris [MC]: Where are you from?

75924_3865863782417_229721240_nShanna Holmes [SH]: I am from Oakland, CA born and raised.

[MC]: You are a bit of a fitness guru tell me what made you choose that path?

[SH]: A fitness Guru!! I love that. lol I chose the fitness path when a year ago my grandmother passed away from cancer. she had been battling cancer for about 15 years. During the first month of her passing I found myself going down a dark road. After about a month of going down that dark road I began to feel guilty. I knew that my grandmother would not have wanted me to be doing the things that I was doing. So I called a co-worker who I knew was doing Herbalife. I had been seeing the healthy active lifestyle he was living and I wanted that. I met with him and I got started on an Herbalife nutrition plan. I lost 20lbs and I began feel better than I had ever felt before. My energy level was through the roof. The people in the Herbalife community were so inviting and it felt like a family right away.

[MC]: You are very committed to your health and to others achieving their health goals. What drives you to help others?

[SH]: Being a part of Herbalife has finally given me something that I am passionate about therefore I am very committed to my health goals and also helping 1001045_3179905993901_977152968_nothers achieve theirs. In Herbalife we are always reminding ourselves of our WHYs. My WHY is my family. They drive me to be better and better every single day. Being that I am the oldest of my siblings and younger family members it is my goal to plant the seed and show them how to live a healthy active lifestyle. It is my goal to show and teach my elders that it is not too late to acheive health and fitness goals. Not only do I want to plant this seed for my family I also am very driven about helping others as well. I was asked a question last night. the questions was who is your biggest competition? I thought to myself hmmm “maybe myself to be better than I was the day before” but then I thought “Nope my biggest compettion is CANCER, OBESITY, A LACK OF INCOME, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES.” Those are my biggest compettiors and I’d like to use my resources and the skills I have learned to tackle those beast for as many people as i can in my family, my community, and around the world.

10647108_4635912913164_3489866774126905625_n[MC]: You meet at Lake Merritt for workouts what do you do there?

[SH]: Yes!! My team and I have created a FREE!! workout at Lake Merritt. We created this as a way to give back to our community as an inviation into a healthy active lifestyle. These workouts are for anyone, short, tall, small, large, girl, guy, younger or older. During the workouts we do a series of active stretching to warm our bodies up. We then go into a bootcamp style workout also showing people how to modify the workouts to thier own ability. We finish with a cool down stretch and also short stories talking about nurition. At Lake Merritt Fitmob our goal is to create a family environment for our community to be able to live the healthy active lifestyle with us.

[MC]: How can people join you?

[SH]: To join Lake Merritt Fitmob you simply show up in front of Lake Chalet, 1520 Lakeside Dr in Oakland at 6:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays with an open mind and a bottle of water.




Follies and Dollies
The White Horse

6551 Telegraph, Oakland
Doors @ 8pm – $5


Remember the 70’s.
We will refresh your memory.

Double Dutch Bus
Diana Ross
Tina Turner,

Just to name a few, we will be bringing the artist’s music that made this decade so Great!

Show time 9:30p
$5 cover
Doors open at 8p




The Modern Animist
Somar Bar
1727 Telegraph, Oakland
5pm-9pm – FREE


The Modern Animist honors our oneness by illustrating our connection to both nature and spirit. The term animism is derived from the Latin word anima meaning breath, life or soul. The animist believes that non-human entities (animals, plants, inanimate objects; in ex. mountains, or phenomena; in ex. thunder) possess a spiritual essence. Similarly, a piece of art is sometimes described as having its own spirit or possessing an energy. The artists breathes life into a canvas or by listening allows it to come to life. The painting becomes an entity, a piece of the artist and the greater whole. The process and outcome reminds us that all life is connected and all life is sacred.

Featuring Art By:
Shaun Burner [Trust Your Struggle]
Joshua Coffy https://undersong.com/
Ernest Doty art/ graff [The Method Makers]
Ryan McJunkin [Faultline Artspace] https://ryanmcjunkin.com/
Pancho Pescador [CRP Bay Area] ~ www.facebook.com/pages/peskador/119284591415919

And Digital Photography Exhibit by:
Eric Arnold [Urban Relief] [CRP Bay Area] [Oakulture] http://oakulture.wordpress.com/

Opens Thursday the 11th 5-9pm Sounds by DJ Sake One
Happy Hour + Bites SomaR Bar – Oakland 21+ with ID


The Oakland Slam
Awaken Cafe
1429 Broadway, Oakland8pm

On 2nd Thursdays monthly The Oakland Poetry Slam & Open-Mic Downtown’s best little venue – Awaken Cafe. We’re thrilled to bring you, our everloving audience to the great space with the extra tasty vittles and thirst quenching drinks (Sandwiches, Salads, Beer, Wine, Yay!). In September we’ll be raising some $$ to get our CHAMP (Leo Bryant!) to Phoenix, AZ for iWPS – the Individual World Poetry Slam.

This is our first slam of the season – if you’re trying to be on Team Oakland for NPS ’15 in Newark this is where you start. In the slam the poets will compete with their own, original work to wow the judges and audience alike. This month we’ll be doing the slam a little differently! Usually the poets have 3 minutes to get their point across – NOT THIS TIME! This month we’re switching it up a bit, we’ll still take up to 8 poets and each of them will get a chance to do a 1 minute & 2 minute poem. The top scoring poets from each of those rounds will advance and go head to head with standard 3 minute poems to see who this months winner is.

Remember – the show STARTS at 8 and the slam is the first thing up – get there early if you want to sign up and/or get a good seat.

The second half of the show is our patented WIDE-Open-Mic (singers, comics, MCs, storytellers, etc. encouraged to sign up). This portion of the evening is hosted by Dre and you never know who’s gonna drop in and hit the mic. It’s always a great time and, if you’re just getting started or have something new to bring to the stage, is the perfect place for you. The water’s warm… come on in. Plus, if you sign up to perform you get a special discount at the door.




The Legionnaire
2272 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Red Hots Burlesque
El Rio
3158 Mission St, SF
7pm – $10

Come with your sense of humor, get ready to hoot and holler because Red Hots Burlesque brings you the “city’s best” bump and grind at the “happiest hour”!
The Only Weekly Burlesque Show in San Francisco since 2008!

Host Juicy D Light
Shakey Gibson
Feature, Cyanide Cyn
Sugar Cane Jane
Valerie Veils

FRIDAY can tend to sell out. If you would like to come, please make a reservation or arrive early.

to make a reservation please send an email to RHBreservations@gmail.com



Stories High
Opening Night September 12th
Bindlestiff Studio
185 Sixth Street, SF


Bindlestiff Studio’s One-Act Festival
STORIES HIGH XIV: Stories High is Bindlestiff’s Studio signature yearly education programming and new works performance. Bindlestiff Studio’s Stories High is an incubator program aimed to educate, cultivate, and showcase emerging and returning artists. Stories high production occurs in two phases: the first phase consists of theater workshop program, a series of affordable workshops in writing, acting, and directing are offered to the public and Bindlestiff artist community. The second phase consists of the actual show production in which plays from the writing workshop is mounted into a professional show; with participants from acting and directing workshops apply their learned skill. Facilitators have included Bindlestiff resident artists, guest artists, and collaborators. Prior to 2009 workshops were offered free of charge, however Bindlestiff Studio strives to provide affordable participation fees.


Thur-Sat @ 8pm
(Community Preview/Pay What You Can, September 11)
Bindlestiff Studio
185 Sixth Street, San Francisco CA

$10 Students/Senior
$15 General Admission
$25 Support the Artist

For tickets: http://storieshighxiv.bpt.me/
For more info: http://storieshigh.wix.com/storieshigh

by Jinky de Rivera
directed by Tatiana Chaterji

by Conrad Panganiban
directed by Lorenz Gonzales

by Paolo Salazar
directed by Joe Cascasan

by Judith Ferrer
directed by Dennis Rodis

by Stacey Cuevas
directed by Nazilah Jamison

by Tatiana Chaterji
directed by Juan G. Berumen

by Ed Mabasa
directed by Julie Kuwabara

Featuring: Lynie Abadilla, Marc Abrigo, Josef Anolin, Chris Baytan, Ro Ambrosio Birco, Tina Briganza, Kat Cruz, Leigh Ann DiDomenico, Sammay Dizon, Judith Ferrer, Lauren Garcia, Joshua Icban, Ed Mabasa, Jonah Pavon, Missa Peron, Krystle Piamonte, Patrick Silvestre, and John Simpson


Ghost Town Jenny
The Awaken Cafe
1429 Broadway, Oakland
8pm – $7


Like a siren in the fog, Ghost Town Jenny wrangles the attention of all in sight. With her soft and lilting vocals that command such power through mood and passion, Kim Kylland delivers an ethereal performance that leaves one feeling in a dream. Floating amidst a soulful and cinematic ensemble of top notch musicians, this set is not to be missed.

“Forever on the edge of the next great change, fumbling towards infinity; the songs of Passenger & Pilot reflect the passion and uncertainty of the ever-restless heart. Released in the winter of 2011, the band’s freshman effort, “The Calm Before”, explores how the future and past meet the present moment. Songwriters China Langford and Jonathan Hirsch compose works that evoke the barren and hopeful landscapes of love and loss, set against the soaring and intricate string arrangements of Lara Cushing and Chikin Kelley, with guitarist Nathan Smith, drummer Jeff Blair, and bassist Kevin Thaxton shaping and grounding the songs. The San Francisco based orchestral folk outfit has established itself as a mainstay of the local music scene.”





Bringing It Back
Oakland Terminal
2600 Union St, Oakland
10pm-2am – $5

COME OUT SEPT 13th and celebrate The TOWN in the best possible way with Oakland Terminal and RhythmMuse!

We are hosting a series of parties in West Oakland that will bring together all that WE LOVE about the Bay Area: great music, food, dance, and community. Right now gentrification is at an all time high and folks are folks are being displaced, “BRINGIN’ IT BACK”, is here to bring back us BACK together. We want this event to feel like the best house party you’ve ever been too and this includes fly folks, tasty food, cheap drinks, and dope DJs.

Come and celebrate life, love, music, friendship, and OAKLAND!

Each party will have a diversity of sound that will range from old school hip-hip to Afro-beat and world music. September is all about the 80’s and 90’s– so you know it’s about to be FUN!

DJ Red Corvette and DJ Wonway will be on the Ones and Twos and we couldn’t be happier!

1 Broadway, Oakland
free before 1030 w name on wall

9pm – midnight

TEMPOS is a lounge experience steeped with all the essentials for new connections and introductions. Saturday, September 13 we’re transforming the Lungomare lounge into a super lounge a hideout destination.

Custom cocktails, savory food, and a soundtrack to enhance any conversation or dance boogie. It’s on the waterfront in Jack London Square, away from all the noise, and that’s where it’s at.. That’s where it’s @!!

• • • • • •

The tempo will typically be written at the start of a piece of music, and is often indicated in beats per minute. This means that a particular note value is specified as the beat, and that the amount of time between successive beats is a specified fraction of a minute.

The greater the number of beats per minute, the smaller the amount of time between successive beats, and thus faster a piece must be played. With fewer number of beats, we find more time for more successive beats.


My Body Love Story

EXIT Stage Left
156 Eddy St., SF
  2:30 PM – Ticket info: http://my-body-love-story.bpt.me

“Dominika Bednarska’s “My Body Love Story” was one of the most thoughtful, moving and funny shows I’ve seen in quite some time. She has a knack for sharing her personal experiences in a manner that truly resonates with audiences.” -Julia Serano, PhD, author of Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Feminism.

My Body Love Story chronicles the most important relationships we have: the one with our own body. Queer disabled femme Dominika Bednarska takes us through dance floors, shopping malls, and theaters to tell the story of how she learned to love her body. This isn’t a simple story about hating your body, then loving it, but about the body and self trying to get along. Be prepared for rhinestones, storytelling, dancing, and many laughs!

Dominika Bednarska is published in Wordgathering, Bellevue Literary Review, Nobody Passes, and her book, Smothered Breath, is forthcoming. She has a PhD in English and Disability Studies. Her solo show, My Body Love Story, kicked off the 2012 National Queer Arts Festival. For more information, visit (dominikabednarskaspeaks.blogspot.com) or Facebook.

This event is wheelchair accessible and scent free.





Tasting Oakland
Featured Restaurant:  Kainbigan
Oakland Raiders Game
O.co Coliseum
East Side Club & Suite
Kickoff Time:  1:45pm


The Rock Steady
1741 San Pablo, Oakland
3pm – 8pm – $6



Let’s get together and celebrate our love for this special lil Town called Oakland ♥


*** Starring ***

Aima the Dreamer, Lady Ryan & DJ Emancipacion

***Soulovely Showcase***
LIVE PERFORMANCE BY Aima the Dreamer, Lady Ryan & Emancipacion

FREE b4 5pm with RSVP: soulovelyoakland@gmail.com

a sassy, soulful daytime outdoor Oakland party.
Come get your groove on with the the Soulovely family, we’ve got everything you need to make your Sunday a Funday ♥




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