Last year, consumers shelled out a record-breaking $59.1 billion over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, at an average of $423 per person, most of which went to national chains and big box stores. That’s cash sailing straight out of the local economy and into the pockets of big money guys. In the last five years, however, our local community has been trying to change this mad-dash-to-savings mentality with the Plaid Friday campaign, which promotes local shopping to support the local economy.


If the prospect of leisurely shopping at cute local boutiques isn’t enough to convince you to take part, check out these facts:

1. For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 goes back into the local economy, according to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance [ILSR]. That’s compared to the $48 that stays local per $100 spent at chains.

2. According to the Andersonville Study of Retail Economics, local business generates 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than big box retail.

3. If every family spent an extra $10 a month at locally owned business instead of a national chain, $9.3 billion would be returned to the local economy, according to CustomMade, an online market place for custom goods and producer of this excellent infographic about shopping local.

4. Industrial pollution is responsible for almost 50 percent of the pollution produced in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Shopping locally helps cut down on processing, packaging and transportation waste, leading to less pollution.

5. Local shops offer unique and one-of-a-kind gifts that big box stores can’t compete with. Believe me, there are no locally made ceramic cups or locally sourced teas at Target.


Want to know where to shop local in Oakland this Plaid Friday?
Check out our Plaid Friday event round up here.

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    Why is the picture accompanying this article about shopping locally in Oakland of Zuni Cafe on Market Street in San Francisco? I guess it’s a prettier picture over there without all the broken windows.


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