Food for thought from around the internet:

• I love jam on toast, so I was excited to see Serious Eats’ appetizing round-up of the best jams in the USA. Take note of how many of Maggie Hoffman’s 16 top picks are from Northern California (hint: more than half).

• Did you ever get a craving for tomato juice on an airplane? Here’s why: The Scientific Reason Tomato Juice Tastes Better on Planes.

• A 2014 Consumer Reports survey found that more than 70% of consumers consider it important to avoid genetically engineered ingredients when buying food. Two new products will put shoppers to the test. Last week, the USDA approved a genetically modified potato that resists bruising and produces fewer carcinogens when cooked at high temperatures. A GMO apple that doesn’t brown, called the Arctic Apple, is also pending approval.

What’s so bad about gluten? That’s the question reporter Michael Specter tries to answer in his thoughtful and well-researched article in the November 3rd issue of The New Yorker.

• Though it’s not food-related, don’t miss this fascinating piece about how the Japanese language borrows bits of English to create never-before-seen combinations of words. Afterward, find a way to use “butter stink” in a sentence.

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