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Or, not necessarily getting drunk, but maybe having a few drinks after work. Going out late at night to meet up with friends. Finding something to sip on while you explore our wonderful city. Or, fuck it, dancing until they kick you out of the club. However it is that you like to consume alcohol, and for whatever reason, we are here to guide you in your quest to find the perfect drink. The best bartender. Your new favorite bar. The best Friday night you’ve had in Oakland, ever. Because the days of going out for a wild time translating into, “Do I want to go to San Francisco tonight?” are over. There are plenty of bars in Oakland, and, with that, there are so many beautiful, intelligent people who are also good dancers who flock to the streets of Oakland after dark.

Which is why we would like you to join us. Here, pull up a bar stool. Come hang out. We would like to invite you out of your comfort zone, but in the most comfortable way possible, because what’s more comfortable than sipping on a good drink in good company. Even if you’ve never been to this bar before, even if you don’t know anyone here, even if whatever it is you’re drinking is something totally weird and foreign, there is so much to do in Oakland, so many places to see, so many new people to meet, we don’t want you to miss out on it. Which is why we’re bringing Oakland Alcohol to Oakland Local: we wanted to give you a road map of some of the fun things to do in Oakland. The best bars. The best drinks. The best places to go dancing. The most interesting people around. Oakland Alcohol is all about the inside scoop; it is easily a by-bartenders-for-bartenders endeavor, but we’re giving you an inside peak. It could be a by-locals-for-locals column, but we’re sharing it with you, too. Your neighborhood joints, your local bartender, crazy cocktails, the hottest new bar in town – these are all things that we’re going to share with you on our intoxicated adventure through the city of Oakland.

So, please, pull up a chair and cozy on in. Be sure to bookmark Oakland Alcohol on your phone while you have something to read while waiting for your friends at the bar. We hope you enjoy this, and see you again next time.

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Pilar Vree is an East Bay native who bartends at Penrose. She runs the blog Oakand Alcohol, Fuck Feast, and the Instagram account @oaklandalcohol.

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    Is there an actual guide here? Is this supposed to be some kind of teaser? You gotta start with some content here, jeez.


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