Last night hundreds took to the streets of Oakland to protest the ruling by a grand jury that officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Protesters marched from Downtown Oakland to Lakeshore and onto the I-580. Around midnight, the march turned violent, with protesters breaking windows of downtown businesses and looting the grocery store Smart & Final. This is a selection of photos from the night.





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  1. Disgusted

    Good job, clueless ones, trashing the Smart and Final downtown.

    FYI, for all the idiots who DON’T live in Oakland (but like to come down here where we live and throw your tantrums), Smart and Final is the ONE major grocery store downtown. It’s right on the bus line, and as grocery stores go, the prices are pretty low. So guess who shops there? A lot of low-income black and brown people, many of them senior citizens.

    So how very hipster, to see a lot of white boys smashing all the windows, stealing all the booze, and throwing food into the streets. If that store were to close down, a lot of poor people who get around by foot would have one hell of a schlep in the cold and the rain to buy food and other life supplies elsewhere.

    With all the overpriced restaurants, bars, and condos popping up downtown, it is extremely suspect that anyone would single out the low-budget grocery store where normal people actually shop. Who paid you off…some property developer, or some of the snobby new “residents” who want their ambiance just so? Poor, elderly people walking around with grocery bags can be so unsightly, after all, and so so threatening if you’ve only ever lived around white folk.

    Some of you careless fools need to think before you smash. Better yet, stay home and tear up your Mommies’ neighborhoods. You’re not doing Oakland any favors with your fratboy tricks.

  2. Allyce

    I completely echo “Disgusted”‘s comment. I also shop at Smart and Final on my way home by bus and usually see elderly and low-income folks there because there are no nearby full-service grocery stores. It’s wrong to destroy such businesses which support the real residents of Oakland. I support peaceful protests of police brutality, but am sick and tired of privileged angry “anarchists” from the burbs who think it’s all right to trash Oakland – that looks like racism to me. Many of us of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are working to make Oakland an even more beautiful and diverse city than it already is, and we’re sick and tired of it being trashed, especially by people who don’t live here.

  3. RD

    Why are people protesting over this?! We knew this was going to happen. Innocent people don’t deserve to get their businesses vandalized. Besides, that kid was a punk anyways. Protest over something that is actually important!!!


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