ICA Live: A Party with a Purpose

Photos by Eric Anderson and Taylor Bryon

America has long been a land of business, trusting the market’s invisible hand to guide the birth, life and death of companies. Even as we now see the catastrophic implications of relying on market forces to shape global policies – multinational corporations, money in politics, environmental exploitation, wealth disparity, etc. – we cannot in our outrage forget that businesses can be good, and many of them strive for high ideals.

Check out these photos (above) from the ICA Live marketplace event at Jack London in Oakland to see the New Economy in action and learn more about ICA’s work to help create and support good jobs and good businesses.

About The Author

Eric is a freelance writer who covers Oakland's thriving New Economy movement, as well as local culture, community projects, and letters. As graduate of UC Santa Cruz he is essentially a socialist, but what does that even mean anymore, really? As a proud Oakland transplant from the PNW, Eric sees his work at Oakland Local as a small part of Oakland's battle to keep its identity, support all its peoples, and be prospering without plundering.

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