A radical shift in consumerism towards a global economy rooted in freedom rather than exploitation is setting a new standard of how we do business.

On December 1st, Made in a Free World (MIAFW), an anti-slavery organization based in San Francisco, released their #GiveFRDM holiday campaign featuring companies who are actively ensuring their supply chains are free from forced and child labor.

The companies utilized a one-of-its-kind software made by MIAFW to locate where in their supply chain slavery is most likely to occur, and ways to leverage their purchasing power to propel this movement.

Here’s a handful of versatile gift ideas courtesy of Made in a Free World businesses. Enter promo code GiveFRDM for free gifts and discounts on entire purchases:

  • The pair of gorgeous yet simplistic leather shoes you’ve been searching for, made in a transparent fashion and with raving reviews.
  • Dr. Dre’s got nothin’ on these headphones. For every pair sold, a hearing aid is provided through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.
  • It’s a little cold to be lounging outside, but these hand-made Thai hammocks will have you anticipating the warm weather that’s probably right around the corner.
  • “Tree-hugging, granola-eating, peace-loving liberal” is still a thing, right? Even if it’s not your thing, take this granola and forego the hippies.
  • Did your bike get stolen recently? Thrown onto the tracks of an oncoming BART train? Struck by lightning? Consider it a blessing in disguise and invest in a Public bike while inherently investing in social good.

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