Mmmmmmm… FOOD. A love of food is universal (vital for our survival as a species and all that), and unsurprisingly, food stories have proved very popular with Oakland Local’s readership. The dining options in our town are immensely diverse, and fittingly, so has our food coverage been (though apparently y’all really love barbecue). Here are some of our top food stories from 2014. Bon appétit! (Check out other 2014 article highlights here.)


Doing barbecue and business right at the Brick Pig’s House in Oakland
By Nilofar Gardezi

 Carolyn S. Alexander, the co-owner of and chef at Oakland’s The Brick Pig’s House comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her work is a source of abundant pleasure and pride, drawing on nearly 100 years of family tradition that traveled from Arkansas to California decades ago.

It’s no wonder, then, that her barbeque is both steeped in the tastiest barbeque sauce you might ever taste in your life and a whole lot of love. Love imbues every line and gesture of this warm-hearted woman, as it does the simple lines of the cozily-built Brick Pig’s. As a customer you feel it, in ways big and small.  Read more…


Longitude Oakland: Of transformation and tropical adventure
By Angela F. Lazear

Oakland is a place of constant transformation. The foodie landscape has been evolving into something different, something current, something well, happening, for quite some time now. Late-night clubs, fabulous upscale dining, and delectable food truck offerings are appearing all over the city like dandelions whose seeds have blown carelessly to wherever the errant winds have blown them.

Which brings me to my latest adventure, Longitude Oakland. Longitude is itself a happening little Tiki bar that has recently set up shop at the corner of 14th and Webster in an art deco building that once housed a custom brassiere maker. Nothing says change quite like that.  Read more…


5 finger-lickin’ good barbecue spots, Oakland-style
By L’Oakavore

From Texas to Kansas City, from dry-rubbed to sauce-laden, there are multiple barbeque traditions, each claiming to be the best. Texans eschew sauce; Saint Louisans love their sweet sauce. Some regions rely on pork while others lean heavily on beef or poultry. In Oakland, you’ll find different styles of meat, sauce and seasoning all at the same pit: evidence of Oakland’s multi-region approach.

East Oakland’s legendary barbecue pit, Flint’s, was my first taste of barbeque. The wood-smoked meats crafted in that dingy storefront became the standard by which I judged all other barbeque. Flint’s is long gone, but here are five local barbecue spots that hit all of the right notes, where you can chow down on some quintessential Oakland ‘cue.  Read more…


Oakland’s Giant Burgers: Winners of the Cheap Burger Awards
By Eric James Anderson

Having a go-to burger spot may not be the most illustrious of the American privileges, but it is one of the most accessible.

Why? Because burgers are cheap. That’s how they became “the burger.”

And despite the allure of more recent “fancy-pants” burger trends, there are still plenty of reasons to eat a cheap hamburger. For starters it’s cheap, which is great. And then there’s also the fact that it’s a hamburger, so what more more do you need?  Read more…


Neighborhood Gem: Nick’s Pizza in North Oakland
By L’Oakavore

Nick’s Pizza owner Nick Yapor-Cox has an easy smile, an infectious enthusiasm for his hometown and a childlike zeal for sourdough. The down-to-earth entrepreneur grew up in North Oakland, just a few blocks away from where he opened his pizza business in 2012.

“I liked the idea of opening a neighborhood joint,” says Nick. “Pizza is a regular food, and I enjoy being a regular part of people’s lives.” Indeed, Nick’s has a strong neighborhood following, which is broadened somewhat by his evening delivery service. As we talk, Nick nods appreciatively to a customer seated across from us who lives a few doors down from the shop.  Read more…


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