You did not have to tell when to go to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of E-40’s new prebottled cocktail, Sluricane. I was already there with bells on. As a long time fan of local rapper E-40’s music, and also as an avid drinker, I was thrilled to see that he turned one of his most popular songs with The Click, ‘Hurricane,’ into a readily drinkable prebottled cocktail. When Sluricane came out, I thought, “Can this be legit? Can I actually drink Sluricane while listening to Hurricane?” The answer: it is definitely legit.

E-40 started his career as a rapper in the Bay Area, becoming popular in the early 1990’s and still making music today. What with the alcoholic themes in many of his raps, E-40’s transition into alcohol entrepreneurialism is a logical next step. Recently, E-40 released his own line of wines, eponymously dubbed Earl Stevens Selections and including the flavors Mangoscato and Function Red Blend. His popularity as a rapper in the Bay Area has already helped vaunt Earl Stevens Selections into a successfully selling product.  With Sluricane, E-40 has created a drink that many fans are eager to try based on their love for E-40 and his music.

Sluricane is a rum based, premixed bottled cocktail based on the tiki classic Hurricane, which traditionally contains rum, passion fruit juice, grenadine and lime. The hurricane cocktail is a sweet cocktail that was created in the 1940’s by Pat O’brien in New Orleans and is served either in hurricane glassware or in a red cup for on the go drinking. E-40’s take on the cocktail sticks to the hurricane tradition: it’s sweet, goes down easy and comes in a bright shade of red. Prebottled cocktails such as Sluricane generally lack the freshness of cocktails that are ordered over the bar, but Sluricane balances the sweetness of tropical flavors without masking the flavor of alcohol. Sluricane is marketed to people who enjoy sweet, sugary drinks; if lemon drops, margaritas and long island iced teas are your kind of courage juice at the bar, then Sluricane will be right up your alley. If you miss 4Lokos and still like drinking Buzzballs, then Sluricane will definitely be your jam. But, for all you Manhattan and scotch on the rocks kind of drinkers out there, Sluricane can hit the palate as a bit too saccharine.

Clocking in at 18% abv, Sluricane goes down easily, and after a couple drinks it is, indeed, strong enough to start an engine, mane. If you’re not careful, you’ll be out your body and it’ll have you on your face after just four or five. I’d recommend serving five or six ounces Sluricane chilled, over ice, perhaps topped with soda water or sprite and garnished with a cherry and lime wedge. Although, if we’re being real, the ideal way to consume Sluricane is in the most Bay Area way possible: while listening to Game Related by The Click and drinking out of a red cup while at the sideshow reminiscing about the Hyphy Movement.

If you’re looking to buy Sluricane in the Bay Area, try Beverages & More, Costco and some Safeways.

Sluricane by E-40

Sluricane by E-40


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Pilar Vree is an East Bay native who bartends at Penrose. She runs the blog Oakand Alcohol, Fuck Feast, and the Instagram account @oaklandalcohol.

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    if his idiotic musak doesn’t make you more stupid, his red dye 40 crocktail will.


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