Oakland Neighborhood Project

A photo project that gives people in Oakland’s 146 neighborhoods a chance to tell the world about where they live.

Oakland Neighborhood Project 2-24-15

©Stephen Texeira Photography

Ayannakai, Noel, Shola, and Sade are everything that is Oakland: energy, love, beauty, joy, diversity, awareness, openness, and acceptance. They shared their message in Spanish, French, Arabic, Yoruba, Swahili, Turkish, and English.

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  1. Maggie Kinstle

    I love this project on so many levels! This project is going to show others that Oakland is not just about our crime statistics. Oakland is a great place to live, to raise one’s children, to express one’s creativity, to view the arts, to hear great music, to walk amazing hiking trails, great food and the list goes on and on. Stephen Texiera is an amazing photographer who brings out the true character of his subjects.


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