It may not technically be spring yet, but it sure feels like it — and sounds like it too.

Here are six new songs for your “spring” playlists.

Makeunder has released their first track in two years. In that time lead singer Hamilton Ulmer’s father passed away and he sold his childhood home. This new song, while sounding pop, has lyrics which are much more solemn. Using found items as instruments, this is a fascinating band to watch.

There are a lot of exciting first albums coming out for Oakland artists this year (see Alier Johnson and Waterstrider below). High on the most-anticipated list is post-punk band Mall Walk. Even since popping in a cassette of their self-titled EP last year, a full album couldn’t come soon enough. The world needs more of their chilled out, surfer-vibe post-punk…. post-surf?

Alier Johnson has an upcoming album called High N Love. It will be exclusively released on this March 24th. Thizzler will be releasing a song a week all this month. Listen to this crazy good first track, “Killa.”

I’m not exactly sure how much of Sister Grizzly’s new song, Molecules, is meant to be taken seriously, if at all. Some of the lyrics are a little heavy on the cheese, but that’s great since the video goes full on fondue. I’m a total sucker for comedy and for Oakland. Add some pop rock in a vein similar to, say, Grouplove, and you have this video for Molecules.

On March 1st, Minor Birds released the songs “Howl” and “Tarantula.” Both songs are beautiful and dramatic. They manage to feel sparse and full at the same time, as if the band were playing at the opposite side of an empty warehouse.

Waterstrider is being hyped all over the place. Pigeons and Planes included them in their list of Bay Area bands to watch (along with many Oakland artists), and they’ve been in the top 10 most blogged-about band in both January and February, according to the blog aggregating website Hype Machine.  So check out this gorgeously produced video for their most recent single Calliope.

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