We may live across the bay from the official Silicon Valley, but tech startups are moving into Oakland faster than Mark Zuckerberg amassed his first billion dollars. Thinking about investing in a tech startup, but looking to support a local business? Considering taking the feet-first plunge into the tech job market, but not wanting to go all the way to San Francisco to do it?

You’ve come to the right place. Keep your eye on these growing, Oakland-based tech companies.

1. Cloudstead | 101 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 | Contact Cloudstead using this form

Worried about your privacy on the web nowadays? Cloudstead’s got you covered; think Apple’s iCloud, but with a key that allows only one person to access your apps, documents, photos and other information — you.

Building upon popular open source frameworks, Cloudstead delivers an easy-to-use private cloud operating system enabling deployment of any application, open source or commercial, to a cloud space accessible only by you, giving you ultimate flexibility to how and with what tools you work.

2. Goldieblox | 2220 Livingston St., Oakland, CA 94606 | 510.536.4485

Follow Goldie, a young female inventor, as she solves her way out of problems through engineering with Goldieblox. Designed to get more young girls interested in engineering and into the tech world, Goldieblox seeks to raise the 14 percent of female engineers in the world compared to 86 percent males. You never know — your daughter might be the world’s next greatest inventor!

At GoldieBlox, our goal is to get girls building. We’re here to help level the playing field in every sense of the phrase. By tapping into girls’ strong verbal skills, our story + construction set bolsters confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things.

3. ShopPad | 101 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 | 415.891.7467 | contact@theshoppad.com

For customers: set your keys down, pour yourself a glass of wine and kick back because ShopPad is rendering the physical act of traveling to a department store unnecessary by bringing shopping for your favorite brands to the comfort of your couch.

For retailers: struggling with getting your online store off the ground? Trying to figure out how to give it more visibility? ShopPad can turn your store into a virtual catalog that can be accessed instantly, right at the customer’s fingertips, from their iPad or iPhone.

You can access ShopPad right from your mobile device for a laid back shopping experience (Courtesy of ShopPad)

You can access ShopPad right from your mobile device for a laid-back shopping experience (Courtesy of ShopPad)

ShopPad brings the magic of the tablet to your online store by turning it into a touchable, flippable catalog optimized for every version of the iPad. This enjoyable shopping interface creates the ultimate “lean-back” experience, leading to better conversion rates and higher average order values.

4. HeLLa Rides | Oakland, CA | Request an invite!

If you’re like me and you racked up an alarming amount of total fare last month for carshare services Uber and Lyft, you may be looking for a more affordable and locally based alternative. Not only does HeLLa Rides encourage an air of familiarity between drivers and passengers, it also charges riders no more than what it would cost to take the same trip using public transit. With public transit being the primary way East Bayers get around, you don’t want to let HeLLa Rides pass you by.

HeLLa Rides: Neighbors helping each other get where they need to go (Courtesy of HeLLa Rides)

HeLLa Rides: Neighbors helping each other get where they need to go (Courtesy of HeLLa Rides)

We invite you to sign up for HeLLa Rides – a peer-to-peer ride-matching service for East Bay residents who want to reduce their commute stress, save money and save even more time.

5. OppSites | 363 17th St, Oakland, CA 94612 | 510.788.0701

OppSites is the perfect marriage between city visionaries and developers. By posting community goals and dreams for empty plots of land, cities have the opportunity to attract developers with the same hopes to make those shared goals reality.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf with the folks of OppSites (Courtesy of OppSites)

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf with the folks of OppSites (Courtesy of OppSites)

OppSites is revolutionizing economic development by connecting city priorities to investor preferences. Let’s build the future of cities, together.

6. Rockbot | 415.813.6020 | support@rockbot.com

For businesses: allow your customers to listen to club music while they sip their cocktails or Ed Sheeran while they enjoy a romantic dinner. Pro-tip: this will probably boost your Yelp ratings.

For customers: Download Rockbot and take control of the tunes at your favorite Oakland spots, and do it all without even leaving your seat.

Keep Calm and Rockbot On (Courtesy of Rockbot)

Keep Calm and Rockbot On (Courtesy of Rockbot)

Meet your new music partner. The world’s leading all-in-one music platform for enterprise — with customized background music, the #1 rated jukebox app, social media content and custom brand marketing integrated perfectly into your technology.

7. Uptima Business Bootcamp | 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 | 510.227.7027

With all this talk of startups, you may be wondering, “How do I even break into this world?” If you’ve got a solid idea for a startup company, look no further than Uptima Business Bootcamp, providing motivated innovators with the tools to bring their ideas to physical fruition.

Members of Uptima Business Bootcamp strategizing together (Courtesy of Uptima Business Bootcamp)

Members of Uptima Business Bootcamp strategizing together (Courtesy of Uptima Business Bootcamp)

Uptima Business Bootcamp is an innovative member-owned business accelerator dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with greater access to hands-on education, resources and community to create thriving businesses. Our programs encourage entrepreneurs to think holistically about their businesses and their impact on the community. Through a combination of in-person workshops, one-on-one mentorship and online learning, we guide you through processes for developing your business.

A special thank you to 2.Oakland’s Karen Wertman for bringing our attention to these Oakland-based start-ups and tech companies! To learn more about how 2.Oakland is connecting Oakland’s start-ups, check out their website here.

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