Oakland Neighborhood Project

A photo project that gives people in Oakland’s 146 neighborhoods a chance to tell the world about where they live.

Bartlett (Upper Peralta Creek)
Familia Aguilar. Claudia and Orson and their charming children have made a home for themselves in Oakland’s Bartlett neighborhood. In both their personal and professional lives, they are focused on improving the world around them and making it a better place for all of us to live (She works for Leadership Public Schools, a nonprofit network of public charter high schools in the East and South Bay, he runs the Greenlining Institute, a multi-ethnic coalition that advocates on behalf of low-income communities and communities of color). If commitment, dedication, passion, and powerful family values are at the heart of Oakland, then so is Familia Aguilar.

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    Wow! Just discovered the Greenlining institute thanks to this article! Dope!


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