With the launch of OIM Records, the label has just released a track off their first album OIM Vol. I, due out in full in June. “YoungBlood” by San Francisco’s Yassou Benedict starts softly and moves in waves. It’s like the moments in life, of being inside your body and feeling your breaths move in and out. The song works to build a story of youthful love, describing a scene moving with two people from night to day, and it doesn’t let you get comfortable, just like the ephemeral love it describes.

After a jarring interlude, the first chorus states, “Can’t move my feet / Can’t feel my face / I swear I saw you looking at me.” In combination it evokes the universal moment in new romance. The song’s minimalist use of drums are bolstered by the use of heavy synth, but this isn’t an electronic band, it’s a band of layers — delicate acoustic guitars, layered on pulsing electric guitars, echoing harmonies all surrounding the mesmerizing vocals of Lilie Bytheway-Hoy. It’s a sound that is haunting and soothing at the same time.

“YoungBlood” is available on OIM Records.

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