Oakland Neighborhood Project

A photo project that gives people in Oakland’s 146 neighborhoods a chance to tell the world about where they live.

Fernando “Rush” Santos has a passion for this city that’s so powerful it’s become a part of his art and his work. Rush is the artist behind the Beast Oakland line of shirts, tote bags, aprons, pins, hats, beanies and more; and the owner of the recently opened store, Beast Oakland, in the Laurel neighborhood. (A Beast is somebody who is exceptionally talented or amazing at what they do.) His stylized symbol of a crane, which you’ll find on all of his products, represents strength, courage and power; it’s a Beast, like Oakland, like Rush.

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  1. Israel

    I want to share the passion about our sports infurstuctre and inner-city children from the fruitvale community which is the 2nd largest community in oakland producing a high tax of revenues. But still nothing it’s being done all we got was lip service from council member Gallo and no support for our competitive teams.


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