Oakland Neighborhood Project

A photo project that gives people in Oakland’s 146 neighborhoods a chance to tell the world about where they live.

Jack London Square

One of Oakland’s oldest neighborhoods, Jack London Square is an inspiring place rich in history and iconic landmarks. The neighborhood also is home to an inspiring and passionate advocate for health and fitness. Strong, smart, passionate, athletic, committed, focused, and incredibly warm and friendly, Shauna Harrison combines her Ph.D. in Public Health with her passion for fitness and movement (she’s sponsored by Under Armour®!), to inspire not only the more than 50,000 people following her daily workouts on Instagram, but also the countless thousands who have seen her as she works out all around Oakland and the Bay Area: on sidewalks, against walls, on benches, in a park, at the lake, on some stairs…everywhere. If you haven’t seen her yet, you probably haven’t been paying attention.

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