Manna Gallery is pleased to present five artists from abstract7, a group of South Bay artists who are committed to showing together, presenting a variety of artworks for gallery visitors in one place. Exhibition opens Friday, June 30 and continues to July 29.  The artists will be present for their reception on Saturday, July 1, from 2 to 4 pm, when visitors will be able to talk to the artists about their work and discuss their motivation for exhibiting together.  473 25th St., Oakland. Hours:  Fridays, Saturdays 12to 5 pm and by appointment. Ph: 510-536-7559

Laurie Barmore works primarily in acrylics.  Her work is a combination of external inspiration (nature, poetry, experiences) and her inner life and imagination.  She uses movement, bold color, and texture to express her emotions and interpretive ideas.

Gloria Huet is a mosaic of different cultures:  born in South Korea, immigrating to the US as a teenager, and married to a man from Africa and France. This exposure to different cultures has made her sensitive to the human travails of juggling multiple social customs.

Yao-pi Hsu worked for 34 years in the biosciences at Stanford University. After she retired from Stanford, she continued to pursue her interest in photography.  She believes that photography has transformed the way she sees her surroundings, giving her a greater appreciation for the many small, ordinary beauties of our environment.

James Ong’s painting is his meditation. It keeps him grounded and calm, in the present moment where reality is happening. His paintings do not reflect reality. They often depict imaginary places or memories. Through his art work James encourages others to slow down, reflect and question what they see and feel.

Donna Orme is an experimental artist.  She works from vaguely felt thoughts and feelings that are expressed in the colors and forms which emerge through her art.  Eye-catching images have a sense of movement and spontaneity making them playful, lively and energetic.

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